You just got back from college for the summer. You head to a party with your friend and meet up with a few of your other friends and another girl from high school (we’ll call her Dubby) that you never really liked. It’s not that she was a bitch, but she was just kind of loud and annoying, definitely not your type. Well, it seems since you’ve been off at college, your friends started hanging out with her and to be honest, she’s not nearly as intolerable as you thought. Everyone is talking it up and having a good time, but you and Dubby still haven’t even made an communication besides a few quick glances at each other. She’s drinking some liquor called Zak! that has a hint of Flux Pavillion’s remix from the exotic DJ Fresh Gold Dust. Finally, out of nowhere she asks if you want to take a couple shots of the Zak! with her. You love yourself some Zak! and decide to take her up on the offer. It’s fucking delicious and you two keep taking shots until you’re feeling pretty buzzed. This is some good shit.

(There, I just told you hope dope this song by Zak! Downtown is as a shitty allegory.)

Download: Zak! Downtown-Toast   (From GMAD)