I actually laughed out loud when I read the not so subtle title for this song. All I could think about Tony Yayo because the dude was always dropping lines about rugers in that shitty album he made called Thoughts of a Predicate Felon. That shit was bad but this is nice.

Vince Staples isn’t part of the Odd Future collective but he definitely does collaborates with them.It’s a little weird because as Odd Future has increased in fame/notoriety, Staples has remained much more mysterious with fewer solo tracks. I remember him from some stuff he did with Earl Sweatshirt and the hilarious verses he dropped on Mike G’s Ali album. Well, he killed this track. A nice laidback beat by Michael Uzowuru. This is a nice chill song with some pretty clever wordplay. For comparison with his Odd Future buddies, something that is a lot closer to Mellowhype than to Tyler, The Creator.  Kinda hoping we can hear more from this guy soon as he’s piquing my interest. Cuz this solo ish is dope.