This song was an urban YouTube legend for quite some time, with J Cole dancing and all, but it looks like it’s for real.

J Cole has no remorse for getting deep on tracks and this is no different. As usual, the beat is absolutely dope and J Cole takes it to another level lyrically with a track about teen pregnancy and it’s complications. I’m going to assume this is going to be on his upcoming album, which should be released sometime before the rapture occurs. Fuck, man, when is that thing going to drop? I’m hoping sooner than later or more leaks are going to be inevitable. Thing is, all these leaks have been crazy good and is definitely building hype for me to cop the album. You guys know how much I hate buying albums, so this should be a good indicator of how good this thing could potentially be.
Update: Decided to pull the stream and download because according to his Twitter he was pretty upset about the whole thing. I don’t really know if anyone is at fault here; it’s hard to tell whether a leak is legitimately from someone promoting the album or someone against the artists. I hate shit like this but it’s how music, and life, work sometimes.