Another urban legend of sorts that just came out; at this point I’m not going to be surprised if they catch the Lock Nest Monster or Bigfoot gets caught up in some drug ring. Yeezy blessed us with a new track called “Mama’s Boyfriend” after putting out some lines at Facebook headquarters awhile back. You know those guys at Facebook know hip-hop (oddly, I feel this is true).

Sounds like this was left on the MBDTF cutting floor, but it’s still incredibly dope. Nice, soulful, signature Kanye beat and of course Yeez keeps it lively on the beat. To most, MBDTF was one of the best albums of the last year, and this song is no different. With the exception of most of 808s and Heartbreaks I can’t think of many other Kanye songs that I totally hated. I’ve already listened to this three times in a row and I don’t think I’ll be stopping soon, nor will it be left off most of new playlists.

Update: Fuck. What’s up with all these unauthorized releases of late? First J Cole and now Kanye say these tracks were completely unauthorized and Yeezy’s track doesn’t even have the correct beat. Well, guess I’m excited for the official version, if it ever comes out.

Read his statement here