Update: Of course MTV has to be incredibly dumb and pull videos that aren’t theirs. You can catch each part of the performance here.

So yesterday while the last people in America were jumping on Dirk Nowitzki’s bandwagon, Lil Wayne did an “unplugged” set over on MTV. Can’t say the timing was the greatest, but with the way MTV runs, there is a good chance it’s on again right now. I have always been under the impression that unplugged meant that there were acoustic instruments, not electric guitars and heavy bass like in this set. Whatever, it’s still kind of cool.

I’m not sure what to think of Wayne anymore. He’s obviously a pretty clever lyricist but he’s all over the place when he raps with the exception of a few songs. Half of his songs sound the exact same, but the dude is a crowd pleaser. Drops a few tracks from The Carter III, those were dope. It’s pretty obvious that the autotone for “How To Love” is what made the song listenable; live, it has to be brutal, based on this performance. Wayne also covered Pac’s “Hail Mary” which was made right after Shakur got out of prison; I guess that gave Wayne permission to go over it? Also brutal. However, Wayne did drop a new song to be on The Carter IV called “Nightmares of the Bottom.” Check out the download below and enjoy the performance if you haven’t already.