“No Hatred” is off Chris Cab’s new Foreword EP. It’s got that reggae feel that we all like and is perfect for the summer. The visuals show some footage from a show in his hometown of Miami and looks pretty dope. Kind of a cool video in the day of the life of Cris Cab.

I’m gonna toss it out there and say that Cab has the potential to be the next Jack Johnson with a hint of Dave Matthews with his panty-dropping/fratty chill music. I’ll admit I’ve never been that high on DMB with all the random yelling that makes no sense, but I do dig Jack Johnson at times. The crazy thing is that even if I’m not high on those guys, I dig Mr. Cab. He’s a breath of fresh air, and something that I don’t normally listen to. So cop his EP and be prepared to be wowed by this young man’s tracks.