Oh baby, Nasir Jones is back. One of my favorite 90s rappers, Nas kind of faded on me until he dropped his album Untitled; Yes, I know it was supposed to go by another name but whatever, it was legit. Well Nas is bringing out a song called “Nasty” for his tenth studio album (really?) called Life Is Good.

First off, today has been ridiculously good for music releases. From Kanye to Big Sean to J Cole, as Ice Cube would say, “Today was a good day;” any of those tracks would have been huge if they were released on separate days. Well, I heard the tagged version of this track and wasn’t really sure if it was worth posting as we all hate everything that is annoying tagged. “DON CANNON,” ugh. Who needs that shit? Not this spoiled asshole. I got a hold of the untagged version and it sounds infinitely better than the tagged up version. Nas keeps his signature style and drops a solid track. Looks like Nas is back on his grind and I’m excited for Life Is Good.