Digging this track by the lyrical genius Mickey Factz in an open letter of sorts to his friend, Charles Hamilton. Highlights their relationship from the time they met, to their XXL Freshman cover, to present day Chuck. Of course, Mickey goes over a Hamilton beat and straight kills the track. Cool song from one friend to another with advice, a nice narrative, and hopefully this will help CH get right again.

A little Rhymestyle and LupEND name drop at the end. After a few months of nothing from Charles Hamilton on Twitter, Rhymestyle got on and said that CH is doing much better and will be back home soon. Hopefully this is true; CH’s beats are amazingly genius and something that everyone should have the privilege of hearing once again.

Somewhat related, in a recent phone call with CorpyTV, Hamilton says he wants to do work with Odd Future. Hmm, I’ll let that sink in a second. Kind of weird and probably not the smartest thing to do, but I could totally see him and Tyler doing a track, maybe with a feature from Hodgy.