New track from The Weeknd. If you’ve been in Siberia or something the last few months, you need to snap the House of Balloons mixtape right now. It’s too dope. This came from the official Twitter. As usual, mysterious with just a link to the video on YouTube. But maybe that’s what makes The Weeknd so much better and on an echelon of R&B that no one has been on lately. Well, besides maybe Frank Ocean.

Abel Tesfaye sounds like he’s switching it up a little bit with one. Tossing in a few drums and such and giving it a little more upbeat, yet dreamy vibe. As usual the lyrics and the sound of the song are spot on and is something that you can definitely feel. Kind of hoping this is on the upcoming mixtape Thursday. With how mysterious this guy is, we could possibly expect the mixtape to drop tomorrow; doubtful, but wishful thinking. Or three months from now, either way, here’s another track to hold you over until the Thursday release. “The Birds” is just pumping me up more for that sacred release.

Download: The Weeknd-The Birds (Part 1)   (Courtesy of 2DopeBoyzzzzzz)