I know I’m incredibly lateon this, as everyone and their mother has should jump on this EP, but it definitely deserves a post. I’ll start by saying that I downloaded this on a whim. I’ve never been a big Jack Johnson fan, nor any music like this at least 90% of the time. I’m not sure what it is but, it’s nothing that tickles my fancy.

So, I downloaded the EP the day it came out and there it sat until I checked out the “No Hatred” music video. That was the point when I decided I’d dust it off (in my iTunes) and see what I thought of it. Absolutely dope. Maybe I’m a jackass, but I was definitely expecting something less reggae. I knew I thought he was some Jack Johnson-Dave Matthews hybrid, but as I listened to it more, I started to see him more as a white Bob Marley, with a better, smoother voice. Or Maroon Five and Slightly Stupid’s more chill and mellow younger brother that has a penchant ability to play some music and get chicks panties to drop. You get the picture.

Overall, the EP is incredible. It’s one of those kickback in your chair, while sipping on some Stella Artois (or something American if you prefer) kinda things. Totally chill music that you could listen to for hours and not notice what time it was, or that you listened to the same song at least four times already. I’m gonna say my favorite song on the EP is “Better Off Running” but it’s not like there are any songs on the album that I feel the urge to skip. The revisited “Black and Yellow” track is also amazingly dope; Cris was kind enough to toss that on the EP as a bonus track. This kid is destined to do big things and with support from huge artists like Pharrell, it seems like the sky is the limit. Which is only slightly higher than the clouds you’ll feel like you’re on when you play this ish.

Cop the album for free on Cris Cab’s Official Site


If you’re feeling generous, snag it on iTunes for $6.93