After seeing that video with Kendrick Lamar and Wu-Tang clansman RZA, this was the track I was most pumped for off of #Section80. It doesn’t disappoint either, it’s a straight banger. Production by Tae Beast with a pretty dope beat. Thinking it’s a little generous to say the track is “featuring” RZA as I’m pretty sure he only has one line. Whatever, it’s not like K-Dot has needed any assistance with the stuff he’s been putting out lately. Used to think Kendrick had some pretty bland lyrics, but he’s been keeping me engaged as of late.

First “HiiiPoWer,” then “Sex With Society,” and now “Ronald Reagan Era?” Shit, Kendrick, #Section80 is starting to shape up as potentially one of the best music releases of the year. I’ve never been too fond of this guy but with the music he’s been putting out lately, I think this kid may be alright. Oh, by the way, #Section80 drops July 2nd.

Download: Kendrick Lamar-Ronald Reagan Era Ft. RZA