Here’s an unfinished track from J Cole. I honestly think this kid can do nothing wrong now.  I wouldn’t say this is on the same level as “Lost Ones” but Jermaine keeps it real. Guy definitely excels as a storyteller, something that isn’t necessarily common amongst all rappers, but I think it’s an essential trait to create great artists. Think about it, who doesn’t enjoy a good story?

The rumor is that this song is going to be put on Cole’s upcoming album. So, it looks like this album, which is yet to have a release date or a title, is going to be pretty dope. A bit of speculation on the whole project and what’s going on with HOVA and his record label. With all these leaks, I would love the album to drop sooner than later. Oh, check out this dope article over at MostlyJunkFood on J Cole; it’s five kinds of awesome.

J Cole-Cheer Up