Cris Cab-Foreword EP

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I know I’m incredibly lateon this, as everyone and their mother has should jump on this EP, but it definitely deserves a post. I’ll start by saying that I downloaded this on a whim. I’ve never been a big Jack Johnson fan, nor any music like this at least 90% of the time. I’m not sure what it is but, it’s nothing that tickles my fancy.

So, I downloaded the EP the day it came out and there it sat until I checked out the “No Hatred” music video. That was the point when I decided I’d dust it off (in my iTunes) and see what I thought of it. Absolutely dope. Maybe I’m a jackass, but I was definitely expecting something less reggae. I knew I thought he was some Jack Johnson-Dave Matthews hybrid, but as I listened to it more, I started to see him more as a white Bob Marley, with a better, smoother voice. Or Maroon Five and Slightly Stupid’s more chill and mellow younger brother that has a penchant ability to play some music and get chicks panties to drop. You get the picture.

Overall, the EP is incredible. It’s one of those kickback in your chair, while sipping on some Stella Artois (or something American if you prefer) kinda things. Totally chill music that you could listen to for hours and not notice what time it was, or that you listened to the same song at least four times already. I’m gonna say my favorite song on the EP is “Better Off Running” but it’s not like there are any songs on the album that I feel the urge to skip. The revisited “Black and Yellow” track is also amazingly dope; Cris was kind enough to toss that on the EP as a bonus track. This kid is destined to do big things and with support from huge artists like Pharrell, it seems like the sky is the limit. Which is only slightly higher than the clouds you’ll feel like you’re on when you play this ish.

Cop the album for free on Cris Cab’s Official Site


If you’re feeling generous, snag it on iTunes for $6.93

BEeFF-DAViD Mixtape

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BEeFF stands for Bertran, Evan, and of course, every fucking female. The guys are from West Los Angeles. From what I’ve heard, women can be found everywhere. Bertran also goes by BC, as in he is part of the duo that made the Prehistoric Honey Baked Sounds mixtape. That tape was dope, and so is the DAViD tape.

I’m not sure how to describe the sound of BEeFF. If NERD and the Cool Kids had an evil step-brother with an diagnosed case of mild Bipolar disorder, this wold be it. Oh, and this brother also has a penchant for making head-scratching, yet amusing and hilarious songs. A little different sound from BC’s work with Jasyc, as it has a bit less otherworldly beats. But, this tape is still good as fuck. I’ve given it a few listens all the way through already and I think “<3 LA” is the song that best embodies the work that BEeFF is capable of doing. Lazy, dope beat over some clever lyrics. Every track is pretty solid and you’ll laugh out loud at least a couple times throughout the twelve tracks. So grab a beer, steam a J and vibe out to the DAViD Mixtape by BEeFF.

Download: BEeFF-DAViD mixtape

The Kickdrums-The Ghost Mixtape

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I’ve been listening to this mixtape on and off the past week or so. It’s one of those albums that the more you listen to it, the more you like it. The Kickdrums are a duo of producers turned band, who have worked with the likes of Chip Tha Ripper. Brooklyn-based, these guys have a distinct sound that you probably can’t find anywhere else. The closest group I could think of would be Japanese Cartoon, sans all the hip-hop features. You guys remember Japaneses Cartoon, right? Lupe’s band where he had that dope British accent? Yeah, that didn’t last long.

Maybe I’ve been sleeping under a rock, but it seems like they had a bit of credibility before the album came out to be working with the likes of Machine Gun Kelly, UNI, and the one and only RZA. This may be one of the most unique  tapes I’ve ever downloaded just because there is so much indie-esque music and hip-hop being combined; it’s nearly flawless though. Every song on the album is worth listening to and it’s not like you’re only going to listen to this mixtape once; you’ll listen to it over and over just because you’re blown away by the perfect blending of hip-hop and other genres which makes this album incredibly eclectic.

Download: The Kickdrums-The Ghost Mixtape


Warm Brew-Warm Brew EP

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As I’ve mentioned before, there are a few blogs that I follow not because of their popularity, but because of their taste in music. More specifically, I can’t think of a time I haven’t looked at a post by Confusion over at PigeonsAndPlanes or Jamarcus over at MostlyJunkFood and wondered why they let some post go. To me, those guys have amazing taste in music, music which is very similar to what I like. Well, this Warm Brew grind was brought to you by none other than Marc over at MJF.

I downloaded this EP without listening to it, solely because of who recommended it. It sat dormant in my iTunes for almost a week before I dusted it off and gave it a spin. Definitely worth it.

Warm Brew is a new group out of Los Angeles, however, they aren’t like other LA acts like Odd Future, Lil B, etc. They have a nice distinct old-school sound with a little bit of new school flavor; think of them as the bridge between guys like Pharcyde and Goodie Mobb, and anything that’s come out in the last few years. I’m not sure of a time when a warm brew sounds appealing but, these guys make it taste good. They bend genres and their sound is incredibly smooth with some pretty dope lyrics and samples. A lot of nice spoken word ish too. No way you can put these guys in a box. Plus, this album is perfect for the summer, which I think is happening right now. One track below, and when you inevitably love that, the whole mixtape download is right below it. Looking forward to more from this group.

Download: Warm Brew-Warm Brew EP

Datahowler-Passengers As Eggs EP

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I was fucking around on Soundcloud today and came across some dude named Datahowler’s page. I’ve seen some of his stuff on other blogs before but I’ve never been a big solely beats guy so I’ve always passed. Kind of wishing I hadn’t because I got into more digging and found Passengers As Eggs and gave it a listen. So dope.

Like I said, I’ve never been a guy that can just listen to beats and chill; unless it’s something like this. I shouldn’t even call these beats, it’s more like art for your listening pleasure. I’ve been digging all the sounds on this EP. To me, they seem so simple but there is no way anyone could ever recreate them unless they were highly skilled at this kind of ish; basically, these beats are so complex they seem simple. That wasn’t a contradiction or anything. A lot of different instruments with some percussion, guitar, synthesizers, an amazing array throughout.  Everything also seems like it’s out in space, like some sort of chillwave, other-worldly feel. Sci-fi-esque except without the shitty visuals. So, if you like beats give this a listen, you won’t be disappointed.

Jasyc x BC-Prehistoric Honey Baked Sounds (Mixtape)

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This mixtape is a perfect example of why it pays to follow a whole bunch of blogs. I caught this because Jamarcus over at MostlyJunkFood posted it yesterday and really haven’t stopped listening to it yet. Jasyc and BC are a couple kids out of LA; I’ve been trying to get some more information on them, but the only thing I’ve really been able to find is their Facebook pages. So more on that when I get something.

I think this tape could be defined as some experimental hip-hop. I’d put it somewhere between NERD and the Cool Kids, but a lot rawer, almost gritty if anything else. The immediate comparison is Odd Future because of their originiality, but I don’t think the two are even comparable in terms of actual music. The beats are all bass heavy, something very reminiscent of the Cool Kids. “Fuck Yess” is an absolutely dope song and despite all the fairly basic and humorous lyrics, they drop more complex things like Nietzschean Theory. That shit is crazy.

Prehistoric Honey Baked Sounds may be the most unusual title I’ve ever heard for an album, but I think it fits well for these two; they’re unusual, but they are also very good. I’m not understanding the lack of love for these guys, because this is probably the best tape I’ve found in the past three weeks.

Download: Jasyc x BC-Prehistoric Honey Baked Sounds (Mixtape)

The White Rhino-Just The Tip EP

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I may have started my own blog because I’m a conceited douchebag and I think I can do it as well as other blogs (it’s also fun) but it’s always nice checking out other blogs for new ideas and new music. Some people may say “Oh G, you’re just copying other people’s posts to make yourself look more important.” I don’t see it that way. Everyone has their own taste in music. Or anything. My friends and I had a discussion tonight about who was the more beautiful woman; Cameron Diaz or Jennifer Aniston. I have Cameron Diaz all day, but some of my friends are ignorant and thought Aniston was more gorgeous. Dumbasses. Anyway back to the point, I see cruising other blogs as a sort of brainstorming and a way to discover music I otherwise wouldn’t have heard of. A good example of this would be The White Rhino. Shout out to MostlyJunkFood. Mostly because you guys are the shit.

The White Rhino is Julian Rhine, a Brooklyn based artist. I know I like putting artists in a genre box because I’m a conformist and all, but for this dude genres are meaningless. I’m going to stereotype here and assume the guy is bright not only because he went to Vanderbilt, but also because he has relevant lyrics. He writes his own stuff and produces everything too. As far as what this guy does, it’s diverse. This EP showcases not only a great artist, but also a diverse one. There are bangers like “Aviator,” chill Cake-esque songs like “There’s a Light,” and everything in between. Definitely worth a listen. Plus, since I’m immature, I laugh every time I read the title for the EP. What? It’s funny to me.

Download: The White Rhino-Just The Tip EP

Bonus: White Rhino over Ellie Goulding. For the record, I’d take her over Diaz or Aniston any day. Produced by none other than Brenton Duvall.

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