Sene-Metropolispeaker EP

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Ever since I heard the Recess mixtape, I’ve been a big fan of Brooklyn artist Sene He’s previously done work with Blu, who dropped his new album a couple days ago. So it only makes sense that Sene would drop Metropolispeaker out of nowhere, too. It’s nicely produced by Swiss producer No Games, with co-producing credit going to Sene. Most of the singing vocals, as opposed to rapping, belong to Britain Parker who has a swag feel to him. Sene may be from Brooklyn but they went all the way to No Games territory, Lausanne, Switzerland to record the album.

I really like this album, it reminds me of the Recess tape except a bit more edgier. The beats are all pretty dope and a couple even have a psychedelic feel to them as well as some throwback beats that are very reminiscent of the early 90s. As usual, Sene kills it on the mic. Well thought out lyrics and a nice delivery give this album a nice, comfortable setting that you can listen to virtually anywhere. I may have been ignorant before, but with the likes of Sene, Blu, and Skizzy Mars, maybe NYC has more to offer than just Jay-Z.

Here’s a sample and download below


Jhameel-The Human Condition Album

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I’ve been giving this album a listen for about a week or so and finally was getting around to posting it. Turns out, PigeonsAndPlanes beat me to it. Ah oh well, at least we can agree it’s good music.

Jhameel has an interesting story, he speaks four languages and actually was about to join the military through a program at Cal-Berkeley. Sounds like he had some second thoughts and decided against the program, graduating from Berkeley (Fucking prestigious public school Berkeley) in two years with a degree in Arabic. You can find out more at his website.

This album is a pretty nice set. Jhameel speaks on many different topics. The thing that really sets this album apart from any other indie album is the melodies of the music. I can’t even call them beats because they are so nice. Definitely has an array of guitar, synthesizers, and solid percussion, all of which Jhameel plays throughout the album. Every song has a distinct sound and no two songs are alike. I really think he sounds like some kind of MGMT and Phoenix fusion, however, his emphasis on the actual melody is and singing about relevant topics is unique.

Jhameel really put together a solid album and with this very interesting backstory, I’m hoping that all works out for him. It would be especially great if he put out another album like this.

Here is the title song to the album and the download below:

Jhameel-The Human Condition

Focus…-Music of the Misinterpreted Mixtape

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I spotted this on 2DopeBoyz a couple days and figured it warranted a download. Focus is a producer/artist known for his work with Aftermath and he was the producer for Mala Rodriquez’s Latin Grammy winning song “No Pidas Perdon”

Focus obviously produced the album himself and it’s pretty solid. There are some nice samples and the album as a whole feels complete. To me, it seems that the whole album is a critique of  the current state of the music industry, and if that’s the case, then Focus’ observational skills are phenomenal. My only problem with approaching an album this way is that it can come off as complaining if every track is just a critique, rather than maybe only a handful of songs. This tape definitely has a throwback vibe to it, which is prevalent in the samples. Focus has some nice flow, and a great delivery, but it seems that sometimes the lyrics are forced, although they are well thought out.
Overall, Focus produced a nice mixtape in Music of the Misinterpreted but it seems sometimes it’s a little too strongly themed. Nonetheless, it’s worth a listen and will probably find some rotation on your iTunes.

Focus…- Music of the Misinterpreted

Scienze-Simple Aesthetic EP

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I’ve had this one for a few days but I haven’t really had the time to write an actual review. Now that I’m finally done with finals and almost done packing my shit for the summer, I figured I had enough time to show you my thoughts.

Scienze is a NYC-based emcee. I’ve really been feeling this album. I’ve always felt that there should be a noticeable difference between a mixtape and an album sold for $$$. This is one of those projects I wouldn’t mind paying for because the production is great and in actuality, it really does resemble an album or at least an EP in turns of feel.
The beats are pretty nice but it seems like their all pretty similar, which is alright, but I feel you could almost make this one large song with breaks in that sense. The features are all pretty nice and it includes theClubhouse’s Sene, the dude that was the singer for the Recess mixtape.
Lyrically, this is the shit. He reminds me of a soulful Kanye, think College Dropout/Late Registration before all that bigger than the world ego that Kanye acquired. Each song is well thought out and the lyrics convey a real message. By my calculations real lyrics with real message equals real music and that’s what this is. The album as a whole, with the beats and lyrics, make a stellar, mellow throwback, something that we could definitely cop in the mid 90s. This album is definitely going to get some rotation and I’ve decided the album title is pretty fitting. It’s simple, but it’s art.

Scienze-Simple Aesthetic EP

Jesse James-Love Hurts, Love Heals Mixtape

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I’ve been listening to this the last couple days and thought I’d show it to you guys.
Jesse James Rutherford is a 19 year old self-proclaimed hipster from LA. He did this whole album himself: wrote it, rapped it, sang it, produced it. This kid definitely has some versatility and from song to song has a different feel. By my count, I have Mickey Avalon, some Childish Gambino delivery, Mac Miller, old-school Eminem flow, and he’s every bit unique for this.
The beats on this tape are incredibly dope. Apparently, he finished this whole thing in two weeks which is almost Tupac’s Seven Day Theory fast (Obviously). The thing I like is that his lyrics are actually meaningful as he basically raps about his life. He forms the epitome of a hipster on his track Too Cool For You To Know while talking about how tight his jeans are in other tracks and Drug Baby is dope (pun intended). There really isn’t a song on the whole album I didn’t like and he really embodies the fun hip-hop that’s been going around lately with a lot of witty lyrics and references to women. The chatter throughout the album is pretty cool, and actually shows some of his views. He’s planning on making it big and with tapes like this he’s well on his way.

Jesse James-Love Hurts, Love Heals Mixtape

Aer-The Reach Mixtape

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Brought to you by the folks at GoodMusicAllDay.
You guys know what eargasms are, right? Well get ready to clean up after listening to this album.
Aer consists of David von Mering and Carter Schultz, a duo from Massachusetts. I got a listen to their last mixtape Water on the Moon awhile ago and I liked what I heard. They’ve had the title song for this album out for awhile and I thought it was awesome, so I was definitely waiting to download the whole tape. They finally dropped The Reach today, and I can tell you guys this is phenomenal chill stuff.

The feel is definitely a reggae/alternative/acoustic hip-hop thing. If somehow you were to combine Slightly Stoopid, Shwayze, and maybe a touch of MGMT I think you would come up with these guys. The whole tape is really mellow with lots of cool beats and the acoustic stuff is crazy good. The perfect setting for this song would just be a day out on the quad staring at the clouds, playing some Frisbee (no bromo), and watching the time pass by. The whole album is solid and I really think these guys have a promising career ahead of them. If anything this will album will put them on the map and I’m sure they are going to get a lot more publicity after people start listening to this tape, passing it on to their friends, their dealer, etc. Overall, a chill album that will be perfect for those lazy days this summer.

Aer-The Reach Mixtape

Gerald Walker-On Your Side EP

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Spotted this on MJF earlier tonight. I have finals next week so I’ve been hitting the books pretty hard the last couple days. What I’m trying to say is, I’m down for listen to any new music I can get a hold of to pass the time by. This EP is similar to the Tripp mixtape I posted last week, in terms of expectations. I had absolutely none. And I was blown away.

On Your Side was pretty highly anticipated as Gerald Walker has started to make a name for himself. I follow a bunch of other blogs and he’s been getting some rave reviews. With Cardo of the Taylor Gang fortune producing, this album warranted a listen.

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