Wiz Khalifa-Teach You To Fly [Modern Classics]

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Have I ever told you guys how much more dope Wiz Khalifa was when he was younger. Essentially anything before Rolling Papers was dope. Yeah, I’m a Wiz hater now. Because I’m stubborn and don’t understand how somebody could sell out and make music for 14 year old girls for millions of dollars and Amber Rose. Okay, okay, maybe I can see that. I don’t actually hate Wiz, maybe it’s just these cocaine withdrawls I’m having. Fine, I’m not addicted to coke, I think. At least, I hope not.

Here’s my favorite track off of Flight School. If you remember, this track was pretty raw back then, and then was lengthened and remastered. Which just made it that much more dope. I decided this is my song tonight and I intended on playing it no less than five times tonight and will be the first song I play at every party I go to. Odds are people will love me or I’ll have black eye tomorrow. The future is so exciting!

Related: Today someone said Amber Rose had “pretty hair,” I started laughing but then remembered her banging body, so I stopped. What up Ms. Rose?

Das Racist-Sit Down, Man Ft. El-P [Modern Classic]

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Haven’t done one of these in forever. Not really sure why, besides the fact that I’m just lazy or busy, or some shit like that. If you know about Das Racist, you know they produce some funny ass songs that are predominately appreciated by hipsters. Cynical but fresh, Das Racist is the model group that does their gig for laughs and fun instead of money. Well, “Sit Down Man” differs from all those notions because it’s soemthing that all hip-hop heads, myself included, can enjoy.

This is the title track off Das Racist’s second album. The beat for this song is produced by Scoop Deville. It’s so eerie and grimy you would think that it should be in some god awful horror movie where the hot blonde chick is about to get fucked up by the killer and obviously, she doesn’t see it coming. The lyrics seem like they have some rage in them, like this Das Racist thing isn’t all a joke, that they really are outsiders and not hipsters, so stop with the comparisons. For once, the lyrics aren’t straight jokes and worthless culture references that no one is going to remember in 10 years.

In a nutshell, this is the kind of hip-hop that I enjoy from time to time, that grimy, manic depressive feel, like that kid from across town that you think is the man, but your parents don’t want you to hang out with but you think the kid is dope as hell so you do so anyway.


Bombay Bicycle Club-Always Like This (Modern Classic)

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Bombay Bicycle Club is a group from across the pond in London. I’m shaking my head at the fact that I used such an idiom that stupid. Shyt. Well anyway, they’re an alternative group who may or may not have my favorite summer jam this year. I’m going to be confident and say they have. Spotted this song over at GMAD for the first time in forever and even though it’s pretty damn old, it’s still worth posting.
“Always Like This” is a pretty dope track, it’s not hip-hop like 99.6% of the stuff I post on here but it’s good nonetheless, and perfect for summer. The beat just seems so fun, and with an array of instruments it’s hard to not find something that suits your ear. I’ll bet, no, guarantee, that you will break out into some shitty white person dance when you hear this song. It’s too infectious.

Download: Bombay Bicycle Club-Always Like This

Black Star-Definition (Modern Classic)

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How have I not tossed any Black Star on here yet? Yeah, I don’t know either. Talib Kweli and Mos Def formed Black Star as a nod to Marcus Garvey. They only made one album together, but with how lyrically gifted these guys are, I wish they had made more; the two play off each other perfectly.

The song itself was essentially an ode to Tupac and Biggie and the infatuation that hip-hop has with death and violence. Incredibly catchy, and with both guys amazing flow, this song is a classic; even if it was intended for underground hip-hop. The beat was a sample from “P is Free” by Boogie Down Productions and goes along wonderfully with the lyrics. Black Star definitely represented real hip-hop and Mos Def and Talib Kweli still do today. This shit is flawless.