Frank Ocean-Novacane (Official Video)

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Some new new official visuals for the hit “Novacane” by Odd Future’s most controversial neutral artist, Frank Ocean. If you haven’t bough, Nostalgia, Ultra yet, I won’t judge you, however, you can cop it here. Nostalgia, Ultra is set to be re-released by Def Jam on July 26th.

The video shows Frank being “numb” to everything going on with his gurl. Next level/other worldly stuff going on and Frank is sporting a pretty dope shirt. Oh, a nice surprise ending too, that’s gotta hurt.


Chase & Status-Hitz Ft. Tinie Tempah

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Stud UK producers Chase and Status worked with fellow countryman Tinie Tempah to create a song called “Hitz” off their No More Idols album. The song has been getting a lot of airplay lately (except in the Midwest) and the song is slated to be released as a single July 17th. It’s a Tinie Tempah song with a dope beat with a bunch of scratches, and cymbals. At least I think that’s cymbals, I was never much of a band guy in high school. Nice flow by Tinie Tempah with his British accent and all.

Verdict is still out for me on Tinie Tempah. I had an interesting conversation with a UK guy over at 2DopeBoyzzzzz about him and it seems like he’s the anointed one to cross over to US mainstream. Apparently, he’s quite the performer and that is one trait all great artists have should have. I think his lyrics are pretty elementary and he rides his beat more than plays off it, but the guy can produce songs that the masses enjoy. Or at least dance to. It’ll be interesting to see what happens to him over the next few years and see if he can successfully crossover to the US.

Download: Chase & Status-Hitz Ft. Tinie Tempah

Bon Iver-Calgary (Official Video)

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Here’s some visuals for the song “Calgary” off Bon Iver’s self-titled album due out June 21.

I’m not sure what to think of the video. It’s dope, but also incredibly strange at the same time. Looks like Justin Vernon may have been hanging out with his buddy Kanye West lately, because this video has the same surreal/strange world/dream feel that a lot of Kanye’s videos have. Appearances from Raina Hein, who won America’s Next Top Model or some shit a couple years ago, and Ashton Kutcher a guy that looks like Ashton Kutcher, as well as some hipsters and a two legged bear thing. Okay, the video is confusing, but the song is still pretty dope.


Cris Cab-No Hatred (Official Video)

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“No Hatred” is off Chris Cab’s new Foreword EP. It’s got that reggae feel that we all like and is perfect for the summer. The visuals show some footage from a show in his hometown of Miami and looks pretty dope. Kind of a cool video in the day of the life of Cris Cab.

I’m gonna toss it out there and say that Cab has the potential to be the next Jack Johnson with a hint of Dave Matthews with his panty-dropping/fratty chill music. I’ll admit I’ve never been that high on DMB with all the random yelling that makes no sense, but I do dig Jack Johnson at times. The crazy thing is that even if I’m not high on those guys, I dig Mr. Cab. He’s a breath of fresh air, and something that I don’t normally listen to. So cop his EP and be prepared to be wowed by this young man’s tracks.


MTV Unplugged: Lil Wayne (Video)

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Update: Of course MTV has to be incredibly dumb and pull videos that aren’t theirs. You can catch each part of the performance here.

So yesterday while the last people in America were jumping on Dirk Nowitzki’s bandwagon, Lil Wayne did an “unplugged” set over on MTV. Can’t say the timing was the greatest, but with the way MTV runs, there is a good chance it’s on again right now. I have always been under the impression that unplugged meant that there were acoustic instruments, not electric guitars and heavy bass like in this set. Whatever, it’s still kind of cool.

I’m not sure what to think of Wayne anymore. He’s obviously a pretty clever lyricist but he’s all over the place when he raps with the exception of a few songs. Half of his songs sound the exact same, but the dude is a crowd pleaser. Drops a few tracks from The Carter III, those were dope. It’s pretty obvious that the autotone for “How To Love” is what made the song listenable; live, it has to be brutal, based on this performance. Wayne also covered Pac’s “Hail Mary” which was made right after Shakur got out of prison; I guess that gave Wayne permission to go over it? Also brutal. However, Wayne did drop a new song to be on The Carter IV called “Nightmares of the Bottom.” Check out the download below and enjoy the performance if you haven’t already.

Mellowhype-64 (Official Video)

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Contrary to mainstream belief, Tyler, The Creator is not the only member of Odd Future. Mindblowing, I know. Well, Left Brain and Hodgy Beats team up to form Mellowhype. Mellowhype makes dope ass music. Here’s a video of their track “64.”

First word that came to mind was sadistic. First phrase was dope as hell. OF has been gaining a lot of attention lately not only because of their music, but also because of the videos they’ve put out; “Yonkers” left people mind fucked, “She” made us wonder if rape was somehow romantic. Now we have “64” which made me wonder if they are somehow more horrorcore than they think what genre does Mellowhype belong to? The video is directed by Matt Alonzo, who has done videos for such unknowns as Lil Wayne, Ice Cube, The New Boyz and music savant Soulja Boy. Hodgy keeps it real with his lyrics and Left Brain drops a nice beat. Plus a short cameo of Tyler Tyler’s striped socks. The video itself is similar to Yonkers, not in content, but the fact that you’ll be watching it over and over again just because the visuals are crazy. Plus any dude that can rap with snakes crawling all over him in a coffin deserves big ups.

Broken Social Scene-Sweetest Kill (Video)

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I’ve been a “pretty big” Broken Social Scene fan for the past couple years and caught that at a Indie Festival/Marijuana Smoke-out in Des Moines a couple years back. They’ve got that chill vibe that’s so fucking dope to me.

Here’s the visuals to “Sweetest Kill” a song that was on their Forgiveness Rock Record album from last year. I dig the song, but the video, eh not as much. Kinda thought the song was about fucking some chick; apparently, it’s about a girl dismembering some dude. This scares me. I don’t want someone cutting off my rubber arms with a dull axe. That shit would suck. Whatever, it’s still a sweet song.


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