Deaupe-House of Balloons Video Mixtape

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Here’s (another) unofficial video for The Weeknd’s dope mixtape House of Balloons spotted at Earmilk. However, this is a “video mixtape;” as in it has visuals for the entire album. Pretty interesting concept that I thought was worth posting. My favorite part of the video isn’t even the visuals as much as the way they mix up the songs. Definitely worth a look. Oh, the tape was created by a dude from Amsterdam that goes by Deaupe. For the record, Deaupe is the most dope way to spell dope. Sorry for being redundant.

From Deaupe:

A few months ago, after I heard the mixtape, me and my buddy Fabio came up with an idea to shoot a ‘video mixtape’, our visual interpretation of the mixtape. No budget. No money, just the love for music and videography. Since we actually never heard of ‘video mixtapes’ (don’t even know what to call it, haa!), we just went with the flow and actually learned a lot during the process. The mix was made by DJ Fullscale, thanks a million! I also want to thank Hakim and Sanne for giving up their free time to help out with this project!

Kanye West-Monster (Official Video)

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Hey guys, sorry for the lack of posts the last couple days. My laptop is fucked up and the screen stopped working, which hopefully makes sense why I haven’t posted shit.

You might remember that Kanye released an unfinished video for this like back in December, as in last year. This is the final cut. I’m debating on if he is a genius for releasing it now or not; with MBDTF starting to drop in popularity, it would make sense for him to release it now to gain some of that popularity back. Dats smart.

Kanye really is the best in the game at making dope ass music videos; I honestly can’t think of one that he’s ever put out that I haven’t liked. The visuals for “Monster” are dope, the whole zombie/vampire/dead people theme is a little unorthodox but obviously fits with the song. Gotta love the misogynistic warning at the beginning of the song too. I don’t know why, but I’ve always been digging the Nicki on Nicki scene, it’s cool I guess. Anyway, everyone on the song kills it including Ricky Ross, which may be an accomplishment in itself. Essentially dope visuals to go with a dope song.

Update: Guess all the YouTube videos are getting pulled. Here’s a link to the full video on

Shwayze and Cisco Adler-Butterflies (Video)

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I’m a pretty big Shwayze guy. I always found it kind of odd they just went Shwayze on both their major label albums but whatever, they’re dope. Pretty cool video for their song “Butterflies” off of their The W’s album; weed and women, bitches. Seen these guys live a few times and they know how to perform, as well as not be able to open their eyes on stage. Wonder why that is? Shwayze and Cisco really are the perfect hip-hop/alternative group because of the way they are able to play off each other; yeah, a lot of their songs sound similar, but music like this just makes you excited for the summer.

Theophilus London-London Loves Venice (Video)

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Theophilus London was kind enough to rub his vacation to Venice in our faces. Asshole. Venice is one of my dream vacations and I really need to convince my parents that it would expand my intellectualism or some shit like that. The video looks dope as fuck; I don’t see any downside of partying on boats and doing other cool things like eating gourmet food and just being boss. The whole concept of streets being waterways and cars being boats totally fascinates me.

The song in the background is called “Lighthouse” and will be featured on Theo’s new album Timez are Weird These Days which drops July 19th. Pretty excited for this album, as it’s one that I’ll probably end up buying. I hate when that happens. So enjoy the video of the beautiful city of Venice and we can all wonder why we are living at home when we could be living it up there.

Kid Cudi-Marijuana (Video)

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Ah, it’s been Cudi all day today. I know “Perfect Is The Word” was pretty underwhelming but hopefully this will make up for it. Cudi dropped a music video for “Marijuana” on his Twitter today. It’s directed by that badass Shia LeBeouf. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Shia LeBeouf doesn’t smoke; he just gets arrested in Walgreens. Swag.

A song off of Cudi’s Man on the Moon II, it’s a little ironic that Cudi is showing this now. He gave up weed a couple months ago so we’ll assume that this trip was before his public announcement.  I’ve always wanted to go to Amsterdam and after watching this video, it looks dope as fuck.

Rihanna-Man Down (Video)

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This video exposes two of my guilty pleasures. First, listening to Rihanna’s music, normally when I’m by myself so my friends don’t think I’m weird or anything and two, thinking about how fucking awesome it would be to date Rihanna. Chick is smoking. And she’s rich. And she can sing.

Anyway, here’s the video for “Man Down.” The video was shot in some country called Jamaica; I’m sure the weather is always shitty there. As a “closeted-Rihanna fan” I can definitely say I dig the lyrics and reggae inspired beats of this song. However, the whole time I was watching this I just kept thinking of my favorite Jamaican crime movie Shottas. Also, since I’m a doucebag I’ll mention this, did anyone think of  the Chris Brown fiasco when the other club goer attacks her? Yeah, me too. Definitely isn’t the greatest video ever, but the relevancy is there and Rihanna looks fine as hell. Almost as fine as in that “All of The Lights” music video. Yummy.

Black Star-Definition (Modern Classic)

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How have I not tossed any Black Star on here yet? Yeah, I don’t know either. Talib Kweli and Mos Def formed Black Star as a nod to Marcus Garvey. They only made one album together, but with how lyrically gifted these guys are, I wish they had made more; the two play off each other perfectly.

The song itself was essentially an ode to Tupac and Biggie and the infatuation that hip-hop has with death and violence. Incredibly catchy, and with both guys amazing flow, this song is a classic; even if it was intended for underground hip-hop. The beat was a sample from “P is Free” by Boogie Down Productions and goes along wonderfully with the lyrics. Black Star definitely represented real hip-hop and Mos Def and Talib Kweli still do today. This shit is flawless.

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