Earl Sweatshirt In The New Yorker

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My dad, as a White, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant liberal (oxymoron) subscribes to The New Yorker. He sent me an article today about some group of “radical rappers” from LA named “Odd Figure.” I had a laugh and read the article, it’s about Earl Sweatshirt and how some writer when on a journey to communicate with him and the family about his whereabouts the past year. The article is ridiculously well-written and incredibly informative. It draws new perspective on Odd Future and what they stand for. It won’t be free online until next week (My dad is a subscriber), and I’ll be sure to post it then, but here is an article from the LA Times on it to hold you over until then.

LA Times Summary

And here’s AssMilk. Just because Earl kills it.

“Blackass.” The Name of Odd Future’s Show On Adult Swim?

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For all the Odd Future posts I’ve had the last few days, I thought it would be appropriate to toss another one up this morning.

If you haven’t seen the Adult Swim commercials lately, Odd Future is making their own show. It’s being hyped as cross between Jackass and Chappelle’s Show with Adult Swim calling it “Blackass.” Get it? Adult Swim is so clever, combining words and shit.

However, it sounds like this isn’t going to be the actual name of the show. Tyler, The Creator tweeted that it wasn’t the name of the show, which only leads to more speculation.

Now let’s consider this whole development for a minute. Odd Future, quite possibly the best group in the game at using social media to get their music out (except maybe Soulja Boy, if that even counts), making their own TV show. Not only that but it allegedly is influenced by both Chappelle’s Show, quite possibly the most popular show amongst teen to college aged kids, even today four years after it ceased running and Jackass, another favorite amongst the same group of kids. This sounds unbelievable. I’m not touting it as the greatest show ever, it hasn’t even aired yet, but I have high expectations. You better know for damn sure I’m watching the premier episode.

Chiddy Attempts to Break Record For Longest Freestyle Rap

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Chiddy, of Chiddy Bang, is currently attempting to break the world record for the longest freestyle rap. The current record is something ridiculous like a little over nine hours, held by some random ass rapper none of us have ever heard of. Check it out at OMusicAwards.com
The rumor is that they are also dropping their mixtape, Peanut Butter and Swelly, tonight either during or after the record attempt. I’ll be sure to include some shit if that ends up going down.

Chiddy’s Record Attempt (Live)

Odd Future Record Deal Is Complete

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Odd Future is staying independent. With some major backing. RED Distribution/Sony Records has made a deal with Odd Future signing them to, you guessed it, Odd Future Records. It sounds like OFR will be an entity under RED distribution but run and operated by Odd Future. Odd Future will be retaining creative control of their music and won’t have to adhere to to the same rules as other signed artists.
This sounds pretty exciting for Odd Future; a big record company backing them as they move on forward while retaining their creative control. Based on Tyler’s tweets, we’ll assume their doing the same shit with the same people. I’m not sure about Frank Ocean (Signed by Def Jam) or Earl Sweatshirt (Samoan military school?), but it appears they’ll be back. It’ll be interesting to see if more artists are able to sign deals like this or if Odd Future is an anomaly. We all know that Odd Future’s content, no matter how unique, shocking, and unorthodox it is, has been a large part in their rise in hip-hop the past four months or so. Hopefully, this collaboration will be a success and set a precedent for artists in the future and a spreading of wealth in the hip-hop world.

Odd Future may have just struck gold without selling out. Maybe even platinum. Golf Wang.

Here’s the MTV release

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