Contrary to mainstream belief, Tyler, The Creator is not the only member of Odd Future. Mindblowing, I know. Well, Left Brain and Hodgy Beats team up to form Mellowhype. Mellowhype makes dope ass music. Here’s a video of their track “64.”

First word that came to mind was sadistic. First phrase was dope as hell. OF has been gaining a lot of attention lately not only because of their music, but also because of the videos they’ve put out; “Yonkers” left people mind fucked, “She” made us wonder if rape was somehow romantic. Now we have “64” which made me wonder if they are somehow more horrorcore than they think what genre does Mellowhype belong to? The video is directed by Matt Alonzo, who has done videos for such unknowns as Lil Wayne, Ice Cube, The New Boyz and music savant Soulja Boy. Hodgy keeps it real with his lyrics and Left Brain drops a nice beat. Plus a short cameo of Tyler Tyler’s striped socks. The video itself is similar to Yonkers, not in content, but the fact that you’ll be watching it over and over again just because the visuals are crazy. Plus any dude that can rap with snakes crawling all over him in a coffin deserves big ups.