Luke Christopher-Roof Tops Ft. Asher Roth (Video)

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I already posted this song about a month ago, but the I felt the video warranted another post. You know how I felt about the song; Luke Christopher is an excellent up and comer and Asher Roth may very well be a phoenix rising from the ashes. The concept of the video is obviously very literal and the LA backdrop looks awesome. Not really sure what Asher is doing chilling with younger guys like Luke Christopher and Justin Bieber, but it looks like he’s finally ready to turn the corner and start putting out some good music again.



The Plight of the White Rapper

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Vanilla Ice and Eminem. Before the past few years, that pretty much sums up all the notable white rappers in the music word. Since then, there have been a few up and comers, but no one has reached the same echelon that Eminem reached; No need to go into how Vanilla Ice’s career turned out. Why is this? Why, in a country where something like three-quarters of the population is white, are only a handful of mainstream rappers white?

I would just like to state that I am white and not a racist, I have no anger towards any other race, in fact I voted for Obama (which you could argue is probable because almost all liberals voted for Obama, well then I guess we’re in a stalemate). Sure, I’m a product of white, suburban, upper middle-class America, but I’m very aware of the complex of white people and, not to make complete generalizations, how we think, at least deep down.
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Luke Christopher-Roof Tops Ft. Asher Roth

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New track by Luke Christopher featuring Asher Roth. Luke Christopher keeps it real, as usual, and Asher’s verse isn’t bad either. My only bitch is that Asher doesn’t really have the same fire that he had on Greenhouse Effect or even Asleep In The Bread Aisle, for that matter. Oh, well. Feeling like this will be on my summertime playlist.

Luke Christopher-Roof Tops Ft. Asher Roth

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