BEeFF stands for Bertran, Evan, and of course, every fucking female. The guys are from West Los Angeles. From what I’ve heard, women can be found everywhere. Bertran also goes by BC, as in he is part of the duo that made the Prehistoric Honey Baked Sounds mixtape. That tape was dope, and so is the DAViD tape.

I’m not sure how to describe the sound of BEeFF. If NERD and the Cool Kids had an evil step-brother with an diagnosed case of mild Bipolar disorder, this wold be it. Oh, and this brother also has a penchant for making head-scratching, yet amusing and hilarious songs. A little different sound from BC’s work with Jasyc, as it has a bit less otherworldly beats. But, this tape is still good as fuck. I’ve given it a few listens all the way through already and I think “<3 LA” is the song that best embodies the work that BEeFF is capable of doing. Lazy, dope beat over some clever lyrics. Every track is pretty solid and you’ll laugh out loud at least a couple times throughout the twelve tracks. So grab a beer, steam a J and vibe out to the DAViD Mixtape by BEeFF.

Download: BEeFF-DAViD mixtape