To me, Tupac was one of the most polarizing artists ever. I read one of his biographies when I was in 6th grade and was enthralled in what he stood for. He wasn’t just an artist, he was an intellectual, political activist, and actor. I entertained the fact that he was still alive for quite some time with all the music that he kept rolling out posthumously but I finally gave up on that theory years ago. This guy turned the hip-hop world upside down and showed how nasty the East-West rivalry could get.

I tossed my iTunes on shuffle tonight as I have an exam in a couple hours and I didn’t really feel like going to bed. Biggie may have one upped him in flow, but Tupac’s lyricism was unmatched. I still love this song and you better believe I’m going to be playing it this summer. I just won’t be bumping it in California. Just Iowa.