Breakfast Cereal-Crunch Into Some Music [Dead Prez]

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This is your Breakfast Cereal; think of it as your morning delivery. A song to get you going each morning, when we all know you want to sleep in and lay around for another four hours or so. So grab a spoon and dig in.

Dead Prez is so tight. From their politically motivated music to the fact that “Hip-Hop” was the theme song for the greatest show ever, Chappelle’s Show, obviously. I like to think that this song embodies more than just the lifestyles of a certain subgroup of America but, also it stands for America too; as a country we steal shit all the time, and we always fuck over the system. Perfect song for a shot at Corporate America. So get up for that minimum wage job this morning and stick it to the man. Or at least take a break that is longer than 15 minutes. You crazy bastard.

Self Scientific-Trials of The Blackhearted EP

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Chance Infinite and DJ Khalil, collectively known as Self Scientific, release a new free EP called Trials of The Blackhearted. The duo drops lines about the realities and circumstances of today’s poor over some sick, sick beats. DJ Khalil handles all the production on this EP, and it is well done. Chance excels as a story-teller, keeping us enthralled in the lyrics at every turn. Some help from names such as BIG K.R.I.T, The Game, Freddie Gibbs, and lyrical genius Talib Kweli. If you like real hip-hop (a la Dead Prez), this is your shit.

Self Scientific-Trials of The Blackhearted EP