Haven’t done one of these in forever. Not really sure why, besides the fact that I’m just lazy or busy, or some shit like that. If you know about Das Racist, you know they produce some funny ass songs that are predominately appreciated by hipsters. Cynical but fresh, Das Racist is the model group that does their gig for laughs and fun instead of money. Well, “Sit Down Man” differs from all those notions because it’s soemthing that all hip-hop heads, myself included, can enjoy.

This is the title track off Das Racist’s second album. The beat for this song is produced by Scoop Deville. It’s so eerie and grimy you would think that it should be in some god awful horror movie where the hot blonde chick is about to get fucked up by the killer and obviously, she doesn’t see it coming. The lyrics seem like they have some rage in them, like this Das Racist thing isn’t all a joke, that they really are outsiders and not hipsters, so stop with the comparisons. For once, the lyrics aren’t straight jokes and worthless culture references that no one is going to remember in 10 years.

In a nutshell, this is the kind of hip-hop that I enjoy from time to time, that grimy, manic depressive feel, like that kid from across town that you think is the man, but your parents don’t want you to hang out with but you think the kid is dope as hell so you do so anyway.