Frank Ocean-Novacane (Official Video)

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Some new new official visuals for the hit “Novacane” by Odd Future’s most controversial neutral artist, Frank Ocean. If you haven’t bough, Nostalgia, Ultra yet, I won’t judge you, however, you can cop it here. Nostalgia, Ultra is set to be re-released by Def Jam on July 26th.

The video shows Frank being “numb” to everything going on with his gurl. Next level/other worldly stuff going on and Frank is sporting a pretty dope shirt. Oh, a nice surprise ending too, that’s gotta hurt.


Tyler, The Creator-She Ft. Frank Ocean (Official Video)

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Here’s the highly anticipated “She” music video that Tyler has been trumping up for weeks. This was supposed to go up at 9pm Pacific time tonight, but god knows what will be happening then so the guys at Team OnSmash were kind enough to let it loose early.

“She” is one of my favorite songs on Goblin and the visuals are pretty sweet. Kind of a mind fuck, but at the same time it’s pretty solid and goes along with the track as well. I always bug out when Tyler’s eyes get all big and black and it’s just freaky to me. Ocean and his bomb ass komodo (?) are also pretty nice. Oh, the girl is pretty damn cute too. The video is about what I expected; creative but not necessarily as good as  “Yonkers” or something like that. Tyler’s got some skills creating videos, as evidence by his other stuff. Watch out Kanye, you may have some competition for most dope videos soon.

Frank Ocean-Novacane (Live)

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Frank Ocean dropped a few songs for the people at the Odd Future show in NYC. Sounds pretty sick and his voice is amazing. I’m really not sure why they let all those ugly chicks on stage but whatever.

You better believe if Mr. Ocean has a concert in the Midwest anytime soon, I’ll be there.

Tyler, The Creator-Goblin Album

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Do what makes you fucking happy, cuz at the end, whose there? You.

I’ve been waiting for this album to come out for over a year. I’ll admit, at the beginning I didn’t know what to think of this seemingly schizophrenic skater kid and his crazy lyrics. But he grew on me. It wasn’t so much the words as much as the passion and the ability to push boundaries that I started to like. Then, I just like everything about him. The charisma, the shows, the interviews, everything. So when I found out a few months ago that Tyler had signed a deal with XL to put out Goblin, I was worried that he would lose some of his creative control. He didn’t lose any.

The album finally dropped today. This is the first album I’ve bought off iTunes since Cudi’s second album if that tells you how much I despise music that costs money. But with all the hype and hope I gave it, it was worth it. I understand that this will be the most polarizing album of the year. Everyone is going to have an opinion and most people are either going to absolutely love it, or absolutely hate it. I don’t really see a medium anywhere. You guys know how much I like Odd Future so you can guess how I feel about the album.

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Frank Ocean-U Got It

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Lonny Broudeux

Here’s some new Frank Ocean. I’ve been high on this guy since I downloaded Nostalgia, Ultra  a few months ago. Another upbeat R&B song that I’m totally digging. Mr. Ocean, of the Odd Future fortune, continues to do his thing and I really feel his sound, along with The Weeknd, will start getting a lot of radio play. I’ve never been a big R&B guy but these guys are starting to change my mind. The lyrics are less outlandish compared to some of the songs on Nostalgia, but they work and his voice is amazing.  This will definitely be on my summer playlist.

It sounds like Frank Ocean is going to be featured on a few of Tyler’s tracks off Goblin and I think this could be keep to Tyler’s progression as an artist. Instead of just rapping about raping women, he’ll be doing it sensually. Okay, that sounds fucked up but you know what I mean. I’ll just stop now and let you listen.

Frank Ocean-U Got It

Tyler, The Creator-She Ft. Frank Ocean

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Another single off of Tyler’s Goblin called She. The de facto leader of Odd Future teams up with the groups crooner, Frank Ocean, for this one. Tyler and Frank Ocean need to do more stuff together. This is chill as the arctic. This is also adding to the notion that Goblin won’t be Bastard II. Only four more days.

Goblin 5.10.11

Frank Ocean-Songs For Women (Video)

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Another unoffical Frank Ocean video. Directed by Aris Jerome. I like the simplicity of this. That and it’s basically 3 minutes of a gorgeous woman dancing on a bed. I think  it’s a win-win.

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