Pretty weak night tonight. Went to a bonfire with a few of my friends (it’s an Iowa thing for all you urban kids) and it ended up being lame as fuck. We ended up heading to WacArnolds which ended up culminating into a rap battle for an ice cream cone. I’m serious. I have a tee time early to go golfing tomorrow so I was fine with heading home by 1. When I get home I thought it was the best idea ever to watch Hardball because I haven’t seen that ish in forever. So I start watching and I remember this song.

First off Hardball is one of my favorite movies ever. I remember watching it when I was like 10 and thinking it was the shit. It still is, that movie was bomb. My friends say I’m stoic as hell (probably right) but I remember tearing up when G-Baby got shot. That was real to me, and made me scared shitless whenever I went to Chicago (I was living in upstate Illinois at the time.)

But back to the song, this is ridiculously nostalgic; we have the artist formerly known as Lil Bow Wow, Lil Zane, and for good measure Lil Wayne. These three couldn’t even drink yet, and I’m pretty sure Bow Wow couldn’t even legally drink. To me, it’s still a pretty cool song with a catchy chorus plus when else are you going to hear Weezy drop a Nolan Ryan line? Never. So kick back and experience the dopeness of this song and Hardball, too; even if you have to get it on Netflix, whip out the DVD, or even the VHS. Shit.