Kendrick Lamar And RZA In the Studio

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Here’s a video of Kendrick Lamar working on his new album Section 80 with RZA. The fact that this song is called Ronald Reagan Era piqued my interest as it’s such a peculiar name and I’m starting to hype myself for the album. Especially since I’ve been listening to HiiiPoWer all week. This song sound soulful with some heavy beats. Adding RZA on a verse just makes it even sicker.

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Kendrick Lamar-HiiiPoWer

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I’ve been playing this song all day the past three days. Literally non-stop. I posted the download for this a couple days ago with Kendrick Lamar’s video promoting his new album Section .80 but I figured it deserved some more exposure. The song art is homage to Tommie Smith’s and John Carlos’ Black Power salute at the 1968 Olympics, which in my mind is the most iconic image of any Olympics.

The incredible beat is something I swear I heard Kanye freestyle over a couple years back and this whole song is Kanye reference heavy, especially stuff from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. In fact, it sounds like something Kanye would sing; the deliver, the style, the whole thing. Either way it’s a great song and just adds more hype to Kendrick Lamar’s new album due out soon.

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Kendrick Lamar-Section .80 Preview (Video)

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Pretty deep video by Kendrick Lamar for promoting his upcoming mixtape, Section .80; The same tape being produced by the one and only J Cole. Sounds like J Cole is coming in for a few tracks on the album too. I can’t see this album being anything short of awesome. This is no Yonkers, but it’s still a tight, thought-provoking video. And yes, he poured water on himself not gasoline. And the fire is post production shit.

Ah, and here is the first single of the mixtape called HiiiPower. Five star dishes, food for thought, bitches.
Kendrick Lamar-HiiiPower