Mellowhype-64 (Official Video)

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Contrary to mainstream belief, Tyler, The Creator is not the only member of Odd Future. Mindblowing, I know. Well, Left Brain and Hodgy Beats team up to form Mellowhype. Mellowhype makes dope ass music. Here’s a video of their track “64.”

First word that came to mind was sadistic. First phrase was dope as hell. OF has been gaining a lot of attention lately not only because of their music, but also because of the videos they’ve put out; “Yonkers” left people mind fucked, “She” made us wonder if rape was somehow romantic. Now we have “64” which made me wonder if they are somehow more horrorcore than they think what genre does Mellowhype belong to? The video is directed by Matt Alonzo, who has done videos for such unknowns as Lil Wayne, Ice Cube, The New Boyz and music savant Soulja Boy. Hodgy keeps it real with his lyrics and Left Brain drops a nice beat. Plus a short cameo of Tyler Tyler’s striped socks. The video itself is similar to Yonkers, not in content, but the fact that you’ll be watching it over and over again just because the visuals are crazy. Plus any dude that can rap with snakes crawling all over him in a coffin deserves big ups.

Hodgy Beats-On Your Mind

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It seems that Hodgy has a bunch of unreleased stuff; and here I was thinking that I had every Odd Future song. Guess I was wrong.

This song is from last year and is called “On Your Mind.” Hodgy goes over a dubstep-ish beat which is pretty sick. People sleep on Hodgy’s lyricism but he’s probably the most polished lyricist not named Earl Sweatshirt with Odd Future. His Mellowhype stuff is pretty dope and he definitely excels in that kind of  genre. Related, Mellowhype’s BlackenedWhite is to be re-released in the middle of July. A nice fast track that really gets you going, if I ever feel like exercising again (I should), this would be on that playlist.

In my opinion, Hodgy is the most underrated member of the collective; most think he’s behind Tyler and Earl. For comparison’s sake, he’s like Rodman on the mid 90s Bulls. But he should be Scottie Pippen.

J-Hawk, Tyler, The Creator, Hodgy Beats-Summa Luv

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Here’s a “rare” track with Odd Future affiliates Tyler, The Creator and Hodgy Beats. Randomly found this on the YouTube and I’m really feeling it. It’s a lot more laid back than most of Odd Future’s usual “Kill people, burn shit, fuck school” theme and it definitely shows some versatility for Tyler. All three kill it, but Hodgy really gets it. I’m sure most people can relate to a summer love (at bandcamp or whatever shit you do) and the beat is pretty much amazing. Just in time for summer too.


Tyler, The Creator-Goblin Album

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Do what makes you fucking happy, cuz at the end, whose there? You.

I’ve been waiting for this album to come out for over a year. I’ll admit, at the beginning I didn’t know what to think of this seemingly schizophrenic skater kid and his crazy lyrics. But he grew on me. It wasn’t so much the words as much as the passion and the ability to push boundaries that I started to like. Then, I just like everything about him. The charisma, the shows, the interviews, everything. So when I found out a few months ago that Tyler had signed a deal with XL to put out Goblin, I was worried that he would lose some of his creative control. He didn’t lose any.

The album finally dropped today. This is the first album I’ve bought off iTunes since Cudi’s second album if that tells you how much I despise music that costs money. But with all the hype and hope I gave it, it was worth it. I understand that this will be the most polarizing album of the year. Everyone is going to have an opinion and most people are either going to absolutely love it, or absolutely hate it. I don’t really see a medium anywhere. You guys know how much I like Odd Future so you can guess how I feel about the album.

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Tyler, The Creator and Hodgy Beats-Sandwitches (Live at BBC Music)

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Funny video of Tyler and Hodgy performing Sandwitches for BBC Music. They can’t swear on air so instead of making a clean version of the song, they start fucking around and make some pretty hilarious ad libs. No matter how dark their lyrics are, Odd Future does some crazy shenanigans. Odd Future just being Odd Future. Golf Wang Swag.
Goblin 5.10.11

Hodgy Beats-So Long (Snippet)

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While in Europe, Hodgy Beats dropped a snippet of a new song he made off his MacBook. The lyrics are drowned out by the beats a bit but the videogame sounding beat is pretty dope. That and the swag trumpet horn at the end.
Hodgy probably has benefited the most from the absence of Earl, as he has improved his rhymes and become Tyler’s right hand man. His MellowHype stuff is crazy good too and it will be interesting to see how the rest of the Odd Future guys progress along with Tyler.

Shout out to PrettyMuchAmazing for the hookup.

Odd Future’s Tyler, The Creator and Hodgy Beats-Analog (Radio 1 Live)

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This was released on YouTube today. Tyler and Hodgy Beats performing the track Analog off of Tyler’s Goblin album. This is obviously different than anything Tyler has done solo, although I’m sure the album version will be a bit more illicit. It actually sounds like something that would be on Hodgy’s MellowHype shit. More of a chill vibe then Tyler’s normal dark stuff, but his gravelly voice still adds some of that dreary feel. Album may prove that Tyler has progressed more than we thought with songs like this.