Deaupe-House of Balloons Video Mixtape

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Here’s (another) unofficial video for The Weeknd’s dope mixtape House of Balloons spotted at Earmilk. However, this is a “video mixtape;” as in it has visuals for the entire album. Pretty interesting concept that I thought was worth posting. My favorite part of the video isn’t even the visuals as much as the way they mix up the songs. Definitely worth a look. Oh, the tape was created by a dude from Amsterdam that goes by Deaupe. For the record, Deaupe is the most dope way to spell dope. Sorry for being redundant.

From Deaupe:

A few months ago, after I heard the mixtape, me and my buddy Fabio came up with an idea to shoot a ‘video mixtape’, our visual interpretation of the mixtape. No budget. No money, just the love for music and videography. Since we actually never heard of ‘video mixtapes’ (don’t even know what to call it, haa!), we just went with the flow and actually learned a lot during the process. The mix was made by DJ Fullscale, thanks a million! I also want to thank Hakim and Sanne for giving up their free time to help out with this project!

The Weeknd-What You Need (Video)

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I know, I know I’ve posted a ton of videos today but this one deserves to be posted too.

I’ve caught The Weeknd bug the last couple weeks so I was cool with finding a video. I’m pretty sure it’s not official but it’s pretty dope nonetheless. It at least adds a new perspective to the song, plus the chicks are pretty hot. Yes. I’m wondering if any official videos are ever going to be made, and if so, will they be as good as this?

Spotted at PigeonsAndPlanes

The Weeknd-House of Balloons Mixtape

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I figured since I had a post about Frank Ocean yesterday, I might as well post something else classified as R&B.

The mysterious act called The Weeknd has at least one member, singer Abel Tesfaye, and is based in Toronto, hometown of fellow R&B/Hip-Hopper Drake. Drake is in large part responsible for creating buzz around The Weeknd. Although, when you listen to the act it’s reasonable to think they would have generated buzz by themselves at some point.

This mixtape makes you feel like you’re in a deep sleepy state. The dreamy beats, verses about women, hip-hop references and sometimes a taste of melancholy really makes this mixtape stand out, almost hypnotizing. It’s almost like those commercials you see for old R&B “love-making” music, except this stuff is phenomenal. Now that I think about it, this is a mix of Theophilus London beats and Frank Ocean lyrics  with a touch of Drake.

I’ve heard comparisons between The Weeknd and Frank Ocean and I think some are warranted. Both have dreamy styles, were essentially self-released albums, and have potential to shape the way that R&B will sound in the future.

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The Weeknd-House of Balloons Mixtape