J Cole-Cheer Up

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Here’s an unfinished track from J Cole. I honestly think this kid can do nothing wrong now.  I wouldn’t say this is on the same level as “Lost Ones” but Jermaine keeps it real. Guy definitely excels as a storyteller, something that isn’t necessarily common amongst all rappers, but I think it’s an essential trait to create great artists. Think about it, who doesn’t enjoy a good story?

The rumor is that this song is going to be put on Cole’s upcoming album. So, it looks like this album, which is yet to have a release date or a title, is going to be pretty dope. A bit of speculation on the whole project and what’s going on with HOVA and his record label. With all these leaks, I would love the album to drop sooner than later. Oh, check out this dope article over at MostlyJunkFood on J Cole; it’s five kinds of awesome.

J Cole-Cheer Up

J Cole-Work Out

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Looks like it’s shaping up to be a Cole summer. Oh, me and my terrible puns. J Cole dropped off this (approved) track on his blog yesterday saying:

Gotta love the Warm Up tribute on the artwork. How that lined up to the sample clearing today is God working.

Thanks to Kanye West, Paula Abdul.

Obviously it’s a sample over Kanye West’s “New Workout Plan” from one of the greatest albums of all time, College Dropout. I’m just curious, but how many other artists have successfully sampled this song by Yeezy? I honestly can’t think of one off the top of my head. J Cole keeps his nice lyrics and flow going over the track. I’m not sure when Jermaine’s album is supposed to come out, but stuff like this is getting me hyped. It’s a shame J Cole disapproved of the “Lost Ones” leak because that truly was one of the best J Cole songs I’ve ever seen. Oh well, I’m  hopeful it will come out sooner or later. Overall, the track has 90s rap feel with a touch of some funk. This definitely seems to be more of an attempt to get his music some radio play before the album comes out. Good but not great, first single off of J Cole’s upcoming album.

Download: J Cole-Work Out

J Cole-Lost Ones

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This song was an urban YouTube legend for quite some time, with J Cole dancing and all, but it looks like it’s for real.

J Cole has no remorse for getting deep on tracks and this is no different. As usual, the beat is absolutely dope and J Cole takes it to another level lyrically with a track about teen pregnancy and it’s complications. I’m going to assume this is going to be on his upcoming album, which should be released sometime before the rapture occurs. Fuck, man, when is that thing going to drop? I’m hoping sooner than later or more leaks are going to be inevitable. Thing is, all these leaks have been crazy good and is definitely building hype for me to cop the album. You guys know how much I hate buying albums, so this should be a good indicator of how good this thing could potentially be.
Update: Decided to pull the stream and download because according to his Twitter he was pretty upset about the whole thing. I don’t really know if anyone is at fault here; it’s hard to tell whether a leak is legitimately from someone promoting the album or someone against the artists. I hate shit like this but it’s how music, and life, work sometimes.

J Cole-How High

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Here’s some new J Cole. Hopefully, it’ll be on his new album, due out sometime soon. I always rave about how J Cole may be one of the best combination artists/producers out there but I noticed he’s essentially a poet. His music includes a ton of similes, metaphors, and double entendres which is cool as fuck. I still dig his flow and J Cole definitely gives that mellow vibe off when he sings.
“How High” is a pretty dope track (pun intended) and like almost everything J Cole, is solid. J Cole keeps his lyrical game up to par with the beat and the beat is good, which means the lyrics are good, which means the song is good. Pheww. This transitive property stuff is killing me. So sit back, relax, grab a beer, and vibe out to this song on Sunday.

J Cole-Return of Simba

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J Cole said he was going to drop a new track tonight. Well, here it is. I’m a pretty big fan of Mr. Cole and this is definitely his kind of thing. Smooth beat and of course J Cole keeps with his nice lyrics, flow and delivery. A lot of athlete name-dropping which is pretty cool, I guess.

It’s rumored “Return of Simba” is going to be on his new album, which still has no name or definite release date. Whatever, we know when it drops, it’s going to be dope.

J Cole-Disgusting

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J Cole let this one go on Twitter a few hours ago. I just got a look at it because I was playing an intense game of NHL11 with my roommate. I lost too. Yeah, it was a shitty way to end the night.
J Cole produced this too and it’s off his new album due out sometime in the summer. Like I’ve said before, if somehow this rapping career doesn’t work out, he can always make bank producing. Like anything J Cole, this song is smooth with a pretty dope beat.

Kendrick Lamar-Section .80 Preview (Video)

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Pretty deep video by Kendrick Lamar for promoting his upcoming mixtape, Section .80; The same tape being produced by the one and only J Cole. Sounds like J Cole is coming in for a few tracks on the album too. I can’t see this album being anything short of awesome. This is no Yonkers, but it’s still a tight, thought-provoking video. And yes, he poured water on himself not gasoline. And the fire is post production shit.

Ah, and here is the first single of the mixtape called HiiiPower. Five star dishes, food for thought, bitches.
Kendrick Lamar-HiiiPower

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