I may have started my own blog because I’m a conceited douchebag and I think I can do it as well as other blogs (it’s also fun) but it’s always nice checking out other blogs for new ideas and new music. Some people may say “Oh G, you’re just copying other people’s posts to make yourself look more important.” I don’t see it that way. Everyone has their own taste in music. Or anything. My friends and I had a discussion tonight about who was the more beautiful woman; Cameron Diaz or Jennifer Aniston. I have Cameron Diaz all day, but some of my friends are ignorant and thought Aniston was more gorgeous. Dumbasses. Anyway back to the point, I see cruising other blogs as a sort of brainstorming and a way to discover music I otherwise wouldn’t have heard of. A good example of this would be The White Rhino. Shout out to MostlyJunkFood. Mostly because you guys are the shit.

The White Rhino is Julian Rhine, a Brooklyn based artist. I know I like putting artists in a genre box because I’m a conformist and all, but for this dude genres are meaningless. I’m going to stereotype here and assume the guy is bright not only because he went to Vanderbilt, but also because he has relevant lyrics. He writes his own stuff and produces everything too. As far as what this guy does, it’s diverse. This EP showcases not only a great artist, but also a diverse one. There are bangers like “Aviator,” chill Cake-esque songs like “There’s a Light,” and everything in between. Definitely worth a listen. Plus, since I’m immature, I laugh every time I read the title for the EP. What? It’s funny to me.

Download: The White Rhino-Just The Tip EP

Bonus: White Rhino over Ellie Goulding. For the record, I’d take her over Diaz or Aniston any day. Produced by none other than Brenton Duvall.