The Hood Internet-All of The Lights Remix

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World's sexiest woman

The Hood Internet is a duo of mashup artists from Chicago. I would say the thing they are most notable for is making dope music. Many people would agree with me. I’m not biased, I just know my shit.

So “All of the Lights,” yeah, that was a pretty dope song off of MBDTF, Portland Cello Project did an awesome cover of said song, and then we have Ellie Goulding’; Ellie Goulding as in the woman with the sexy British accent, and my future wife. People say to me that it won’t work because I’m what, like 5 years younger than her? Whatever, it will happen. Creepiness aside, I think she’s an awesome artist, whom I love. Well, the Hood Internet fuses Ellie’s song “Lights” (to keep with the theme) into the mix and we are left with an incredibly mellow track which produces an eargasm. Like a crazy good eargasm, the kind where you fall asleep right after. Dopeness.

I’ve been on the Hood Internet grind for quite some time now; dudes are so good at what they do. Check out their soundcloud for more swagged out mashups.

Big Sean-Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay Ft. Kanye West & Roscoe Dash

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Probably the most anticipated track off of Big Sean’s Finally Famous album due out on June 28th. Crazy that this isn’t even the first song I’ve posted with a title reference to Marvin Gaye. BS works with the world famous Yeezy and a dude that feels the need to spell out auto-tune his first name on every track he’s on; Roscoe isn’t even a tough name, it sounds like some nerdy kid I knew back from elementary school. Ugh, whatever.

I don’t know what to think. Obviously, the album has potential to be one of the best ones of the year with all the featured artists, hype, etc, but I was feeling a little underwhelmed by this song. Definitely kind of a funny track and it does have a catchy beat, but I just felt I wasn’t as into it as I was expecting. Maybe kick Roscoe’s ass off the track or something, but if this is supposed to be the best track on the album I might be staying home on it and getting something else. Maybe some of that dope new Clay Aiken. I kid.

Sorry, all the soundcloud streams are the clean version. Download below has all the bad words that we like to hear.
Download: Big Sean-Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay Ft. Kanye West & Roscoe Dash (Courtesy of GMAD)

Kanye West-Mama’s Boyfriend

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Another urban legend of sorts that just came out; at this point I’m not going to be surprised if they catch the Lock Nest Monster or Bigfoot gets caught up in some drug ring. Yeezy blessed us with a new track called “Mama’s Boyfriend” after putting out some lines at Facebook headquarters awhile back. You know those guys at Facebook know hip-hop (oddly, I feel this is true).

Sounds like this was left on the MBDTF cutting floor, but it’s still incredibly dope. Nice, soulful, signature Kanye beat and of course Yeez keeps it lively on the beat. To most, MBDTF was one of the best albums of the last year, and this song is no different. With the exception of most of 808s and Heartbreaks I can’t think of many other Kanye songs that I totally hated. I’ve already listened to this three times in a row and I don’t think I’ll be stopping soon, nor will it be left off most of new playlists.

Update: Fuck. What’s up with all these unauthorized releases of late? First J Cole and now Kanye say these tracks were completely unauthorized and Yeezy’s track doesn’t even have the correct beat. Well, guess I’m excited for the official version, if it ever comes out.

Read his statement here

Kanye West-Monster (Official Video)

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Hey guys, sorry for the lack of posts the last couple days. My laptop is fucked up and the screen stopped working, which hopefully makes sense why I haven’t posted shit.

You might remember that Kanye released an unfinished video for this like back in December, as in last year. This is the final cut. I’m debating on if he is a genius for releasing it now or not; with MBDTF starting to drop in popularity, it would make sense for him to release it now to gain some of that popularity back. Dats smart.

Kanye really is the best in the game at making dope ass music videos; I honestly can’t think of one that he’s ever put out that I haven’t liked. The visuals for “Monster” are dope, the whole zombie/vampire/dead people theme is a little unorthodox but obviously fits with the song. Gotta love the misogynistic warning at the beginning of the song too. I don’t know why, but I’ve always been digging the Nicki on Nicki scene, it’s cool I guess. Anyway, everyone on the song kills it including Ricky Ross, which may be an accomplishment in itself. Essentially dope visuals to go with a dope song.

Update: Guess all the YouTube videos are getting pulled. Here’s a link to the full video on

Breakfast Cereal-Crunch Into Some Music [Kanye West]

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This is your Breakfast Cereal; think of it as your morning delivery. A song to get you going each morning, when we all know you want to sleep in and lay around for another four hours or so. So grab a spoon and dig in.

I know I’ve already posted this song once, but the more I think about it, this definitely should be the low-wage worker’s anthem. Almost anyone can relate to most of the lyrics at some point in their life, especially those younger years when you’re doing shit work for next to nothing. This video was never actually released with College Dropout but it eventually weaseled it’s way out and was pretty sweet. If you have a job, ( I’m sorry, luckily I don’t because I’m a privileged lazy white college student) blast this song today and think about taking it to the man. Just don’t assault your manger, that could be a problem you don’t want to have. And don’t steal, that’s equally bad.

Childish Gambino-Break (Live)

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I just noticed on Twitter that the guys on ItsTheBino posted a video of Childish Gambino on his IAmDonald Tour. The video quality wasn’t that great so I went on a search for a better quality one on the YouTube. I found this gem; I believe it’s from The Hard Rock Cafe in Vegas and the first time he performed the song live. I loved Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and All of The Lights was the shit. Gambino has a nice live band and kills the beat too. Of course, it’s got that nasally Gambino delivery and sick flow. Enjoy.

Kanye West-Spaceship (Modern Classic)

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Hell yes, I’m bringing back some old Kanye. I’ve been on my College Dropout thing all day and figured I’d pick my favorite song on the album to post. Smooth, so smooth, and just soulful. The simplistic beat gives a deeper feel for the lyrics. Even back then, we knew Kanye would be great, just from his unique style and delivery. College Dropout was huge, and with the exception of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, it’s still my favorite album Kanye ever dropped.
If we’re really being honest, guys like Kanye brought the hipster to hip-hop and really paved the way for groups like Odd Future by making it acceptable to do things outside of the box.

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