Frank Ocean-U Got It

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Lonny Broudeux

Here’s some new Frank Ocean. I’ve been high on this guy since I downloaded Nostalgia, Ultra  a few months ago. Another upbeat R&B song that I’m totally digging. Mr. Ocean, of the Odd Future fortune, continues to do his thing and I really feel his sound, along with The Weeknd, will start getting a lot of radio play. I’ve never been a big R&B guy but these guys are starting to change my mind. The lyrics are less outlandish compared to some of the songs on Nostalgia, but they work and his voice is amazing.  This will definitely be on my summer playlist.

It sounds like Frank Ocean is going to be featured on a few of Tyler’s tracks off Goblin and I think this could be keep to Tyler’s progression as an artist. Instead of just rapping about raping women, he’ll be doing it sensually. Okay, that sounds fucked up but you know what I mean. I’ll just stop now and let you listen.

Frank Ocean-U Got It

UNI-Land of The Kings (Modern Classic)

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I came across this group when I was a senior in high school. Dope, dope visuals for this video. At the time, it reminded me of the visuals to MGMT’s Electric Feel which I totally was digging. LA based, Thurz and Y-O, collectively known as UNI, kill on this track.

UNI-Land of The Kings

Tyler, The Creator-Bitches Brewin’ (Modern Classic)

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I’ve decided to periodically post songs and mixtapes that I’ve liked over the years. We’ll call it the nostalgia requirement of my blog.

I’ve been really feeling this song today. This is from Odd Future’s original mixtape when no one had heard about them yet. The beat is fucking awesome and Tyler’s got an Eminem sound to him, yet it’s still unique. This is the song that got me hooked on Odd Future.

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Frank Ocean-Songs For Women (Video)

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Another unoffical Frank Ocean video. Directed by Aris Jerome. I like the simplicity of this. That and it’s basically 3 minutes of a gorgeous woman dancing on a bed. I think  it’s a win-win.

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Download all of Nostalgia, Ultra 

Frank Ocean-Strawberry Swing (Video)

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I was bored and started looking for Frank Ocean videos today on the YouTube. No official videos, but I really liked this one. Goes along perfectly with the whole Nostalgia, Ultra album with all the old-school video. And did I mention he is part of Odd Future?

Strawberry Swing is a very loosely based cover on the Coldplay song of the same name. If you haven’t downloaded Nostalgia, Ultra yet, you really should. It’s probably the best mellow album I’ve heard all year, if not the best album in general. Ocean has a different sound from the rest of Odd Future but it’s definitely not anything I’m complaining about.

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Frank Ocean-Nostalgia, Ultra

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