It seems that Hodgy has a bunch of unreleased stuff; and here I was thinking that I had every Odd Future song. Guess I was wrong.

This song is from last year and is called “On Your Mind.” Hodgy goes over a dubstep-ish beat which is pretty sick. People sleep on Hodgy’s lyricism but he’s probably the most polished lyricist not named Earl Sweatshirt with Odd Future. His Mellowhype stuff is pretty dope and he definitely excels in that kind of  genre. Related, Mellowhype’s BlackenedWhite is to be re-released in the middle of July. A nice fast track that really gets you going, if I ever feel like exercising again (I should), this would be on that playlist.

In my opinion, Hodgy is the most underrated member of the collective; most think he’s behind Tyler and Earl. For comparison’s sake, he’s like Rodman on the mid 90s Bulls. But he should be Scottie Pippen.