I was fucking around on Soundcloud today and came across some dude named Datahowler’s page. I’ve seen some of his stuff on other blogs before but I’ve never been a big solely beats guy so I’ve always passed. Kind of wishing I hadn’t because I got into more digging and found Passengers As Eggs and gave it a listen. So dope.

Like I said, I’ve never been a guy that can just listen to beats and chill; unless it’s something like this. I shouldn’t even call these beats, it’s more like art for your listening pleasure. I’ve been digging all the sounds on this EP. To me, they seem so simple but there is no way anyone could ever recreate them unless they were highly skilled at this kind of ish; basically, these beats are so complex they seem simple. That wasn’t a contradiction or anything. A lot of different instruments with some percussion, guitar, synthesizers, an amazing array throughout.  Everything also seems like it’s out in space, like some sort of chillwave, other-worldly feel. Sci-fi-esque except without the shitty visuals. So, if you like beats give this a listen, you won’t be disappointed.