World's sexiest woman

The Hood Internet is a duo of mashup artists from Chicago. I would say the thing they are most notable for is making dope music. Many people would agree with me. I’m not biased, I just know my shit.

So “All of the Lights,” yeah, that was a pretty dope song off of MBDTF, Portland Cello Project did an awesome cover of said song, and then we have Ellie Goulding’; Ellie Goulding as in the woman with the sexy British accent, and my future wife. People say to me that it won’t work because I’m what, like 5 years younger than her? Whatever, it will happen. Creepiness aside, I think she’s an awesome artist, whom I love. Well, the Hood Internet fuses Ellie’s song “Lights” (to keep with the theme) into the mix and we are left with an incredibly mellow track which produces an eargasm. Like a crazy good eargasm, the kind where you fall asleep right after. Dopeness.

I’ve been on the Hood Internet grind for quite some time now; dudes are so good at what they do. Check out their soundcloud for more swagged out mashups.