Black Star-Definition (Modern Classic)

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How have I not tossed any Black Star on here yet? Yeah, I don’t know either. Talib Kweli and Mos Def formed Black Star as a nod to Marcus Garvey. They only made one album together, but with how lyrically gifted these guys are, I wish they had made more; the two play off each other perfectly.

The song itself was essentially an ode to Tupac and Biggie and the infatuation that hip-hop has with death and violence. Incredibly catchy, and with both guys amazing flow, this song is a classic; even if it was intended for underground hip-hop. The beat was a sample from “P is Free” by Boogie Down Productions and goes along wonderfully with the lyrics. Black Star definitely represented real hip-hop and Mos Def and Talib Kweli still do today. This shit is flawless.

Self Scientific-Trials of The Blackhearted EP

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Chance Infinite and DJ Khalil, collectively known as Self Scientific, release a new free EP called Trials of The Blackhearted. The duo drops lines about the realities and circumstances of today’s poor over some sick, sick beats. DJ Khalil handles all the production on this EP, and it is well done. Chance excels as a story-teller, keeping us enthralled in the lyrics at every turn. Some help from names such as BIG K.R.I.T, The Game, Freddie Gibbs, and lyrical genius Talib Kweli. If you like real hip-hop (a la Dead Prez), this is your shit.

Self Scientific-Trials of The Blackhearted EP