Have I ever told you guys how much more dope Wiz Khalifa was when he was younger. Essentially anything before Rolling Papers was dope. Yeah, I’m a Wiz hater now. Because I’m stubborn and don’t understand how somebody could sell out and make music for 14 year old girls for millions of dollars and Amber Rose. Okay, okay, maybe I can see that. I don’t actually hate Wiz, maybe it’s just these cocaine withdrawls I’m having. Fine, I’m not addicted to coke, I think. At least, I hope not.

Here’s my favorite track off of Flight School. If you remember, this track was pretty raw back then, and then was lengthened and remastered. Which just made it that much more dope. I decided this is my song tonight and I intended on playing it no less than five times tonight and will be the first song I play at every party I go to. Odds are people will love me or I’ll have black eye tomorrow. The future is so exciting!

Related: Today someone said Amber Rose had “pretty hair,” I started laughing but then remembered her banging body, so I stopped. What up Ms. Rose?