Chase & Status-Hitz Ft. Tinie Tempah

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Stud UK producers Chase and Status worked with fellow countryman Tinie Tempah to create a song called “Hitz” off their No More Idols album. The song has been getting a lot of airplay lately (except in the Midwest) and the song is slated to be released as a single July 17th. It’s a Tinie Tempah song with a dope beat with a bunch of scratches, and cymbals. At least I think that’s cymbals, I was never much of a band guy in high school. Nice flow by Tinie Tempah with his British accent and all.

Verdict is still out for me on Tinie Tempah. I had an interesting conversation with a UK guy over at 2DopeBoyzzzzz about him and it seems like he’s the anointed one to cross over to US mainstream. Apparently, he’s quite the performer and that is one trait all great artists have should have. I think his lyrics are pretty elementary and he rides his beat more than plays off it, but the guy can produce songs that the masses enjoy. Or at least dance to. It’ll be interesting to see what happens to him over the next few years and see if he can successfully crossover to the US.

Download: Chase & Status-Hitz Ft. Tinie Tempah

Tinie Tempah-Til I’m Gone Ft. Wiz Khalifa

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Even after Rolling Papers, Wiz has been putting out a ton of new stuff. This time he teams up with England’s finest Tinie Tempah for a song that is supposed to be on the re-released version of Disc-Overy for the United States. The song is pretty nice and chill, and somehow a British man’s voice isn’t annoying. This reminds me of that song on Wiz’s Northern Lights mixtape and I’m pretty sure it’s the exact same first verse. On a side note, I don’t have much exposure in European hip-hop, and I was wondering if Tinie Tempah is a premier artist or on what echelon is he at? No disrespect, I like him, but I’m just curious where he stands in the English ranks.

Spotted at GMAD
Tinie Tempah-Til I’m Gone Ft. Wiz Khalifa