The Jane Doze-Tegan, The Creator [Tyler, The Creator x Tegan and Sara]

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I swear Odd Future has beef with everyone now. From 2DopeBoyz, to Chris Brown, to Tegan and Sara, I think they’ve got their bases covered. Apparently, the best way to commemorate some Twitter beef is to make a mash-up of the involved artists. No sure if this is disrespectful or not but it’s pretty fucking cool. Hate to say it, but the styles are nice blended together. Some collab work for Tyler with Tegan and Sara? Doubt it. Shyt, but we can imagine.

Download: The Jane Doze-Tegan, The Creator (Courtsey of GMAD)



Tyler, The Creator-She Ft. Frank Ocean (Official Video)

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Here’s the highly anticipated “She” music video that Tyler has been trumping up for weeks. This was supposed to go up at 9pm Pacific time tonight, but god knows what will be happening then so the guys at Team OnSmash were kind enough to let it loose early.

“She” is one of my favorite songs on Goblin and the visuals are pretty sweet. Kind of a mind fuck, but at the same time it’s pretty solid and goes along with the track as well. I always bug out when Tyler’s eyes get all big and black and it’s just freaky to me. Ocean and his bomb ass komodo (?) are also pretty nice. Oh, the girl is pretty damn cute too. The video is about what I expected; creative but not necessarily as good as  “Yonkers” or something like that. Tyler’s got some skills creating videos, as evidence by his other stuff. Watch out Kanye, you may have some competition for most dope videos soon.

J-Hawk, Tyler, The Creator, Hodgy Beats-Summa Luv

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Here’s a “rare” track with Odd Future affiliates Tyler, The Creator and Hodgy Beats. Randomly found this on the YouTube and I’m really feeling it. It’s a lot more laid back than most of Odd Future’s usual “Kill people, burn shit, fuck school” theme and it definitely shows some versatility for Tyler. All three kill it, but Hodgy really gets it. I’m sure most people can relate to a summer love (at bandcamp or whatever shit you do) and the beat is pretty much amazing. Just in time for summer too.


Tyler, The Creator-Analog (Unofficial Video)

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One of my buddies sent this to me today via the Facebook. It’s an unofficial video of Tyler’s “Analog” from Goblin mixed with a classic movie in City of God. This movie is one of my favorites of all time. It’s in Portuguese so you have to watch the subtitles the whole time but it’s dopeness. Great story and very intricate. I don’t know why I never saw it, but these visuals with this song are nearly flawless. This was created by Miguel Bidarra, the same dude that gave us that dope unofficial video for The Weeknd’s “Glass Table Girls.” Definitely worth a look and if you haven’t seen City of God, check that shit out.

Tyler, The Creator and Little Goblins (Video)

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Tyler literally tweeted this 15 minutes ago and it already has an absurd amount of views and comments. I’m not sure if this was supposed to be a promotion for the album that didn’t make the cut, or just a new promotion but it’s hilarious. I don’t know why but I really enjoy midgets running. I think I’m a bad person. Tyler’s laugh at the end is also just ridiculous. I’m beginning to think that if you want to promote any album, you need to take a page from Odd Future’s book.

Odd Future Surprise Concert (Video)

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As you’ve probably all heard, Tyler got arrested yesterday (promoting his album?) and Odd Future had a surprise concert at the Troubador in West Hollywood to celebrate the release of Goblin. Looks like there are a ton of dudes there, and they all seem to know all the lyrics, especially for an album that dropped that day. Hmm…Anyway, Goblin is still playing on my iTunes.

I’ve been awake for something like 26 hours straight with all this studying shit so I’m going to bed. Hopefully, I’ll be posting a lot more later tonight. Sleepyhead out.

Swaggin’ out to some Rebecca Black, too

Tyler, The Creator-Goblin Album

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Do what makes you fucking happy, cuz at the end, whose there? You.

I’ve been waiting for this album to come out for over a year. I’ll admit, at the beginning I didn’t know what to think of this seemingly schizophrenic skater kid and his crazy lyrics. But he grew on me. It wasn’t so much the words as much as the passion and the ability to push boundaries that I started to like. Then, I just like everything about him. The charisma, the shows, the interviews, everything. So when I found out a few months ago that Tyler had signed a deal with XL to put out Goblin, I was worried that he would lose some of his creative control. He didn’t lose any.

The album finally dropped today. This is the first album I’ve bought off iTunes since Cudi’s second album if that tells you how much I despise music that costs money. But with all the hype and hope I gave it, it was worth it. I understand that this will be the most polarizing album of the year. Everyone is going to have an opinion and most people are either going to absolutely love it, or absolutely hate it. I don’t really see a medium anywhere. You guys know how much I like Odd Future so you can guess how I feel about the album.

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