Vanilla Ice and Eminem. Before the past few years, that pretty much sums up all the notable white rappers in the music word. Since then, there have been a few up and comers, but no one has reached the same echelon that Eminem reached; No need to go into how Vanilla Ice’s career turned out. Why is this? Why, in a country where something like three-quarters of the population is white, are only a handful of mainstream rappers white?

I would just like to state that I am white and not a racist, I have no anger towards any other race, in fact I voted for Obama (which you could argue is probable because almost all liberals voted for Obama, well then I guess we’re in a stalemate). Sure, I’m a product of white, suburban, upper middle-class America, but I’m very aware of the complex of white people and, not to make complete generalizations, how we think, at least deep down.
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