Wiz Khalifa-Teach You To Fly [Modern Classics]

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Have I ever told you guys how much more dope Wiz Khalifa was when he was younger. Essentially anything before Rolling Papers was dope. Yeah, I’m a Wiz hater now. Because I’m stubborn and don’t understand how somebody could sell out and make music for 14 year old girls for millions of dollars and Amber Rose. Okay, okay, maybe I can see that. I don’t actually hate Wiz, maybe it’s just these cocaine withdrawls I’m having. Fine, I’m not addicted to coke, I think. At least, I hope not.

Here’s my favorite track off of Flight School. If you remember, this track was pretty raw back then, and then was lengthened and remastered. Which just made it that much more dope. I decided this is my song tonight and I intended on playing it no less than five times tonight and will be the first song I play at every party I go to. Odds are people will love me or I’ll have black eye tomorrow. The future is so exciting!

Related: Today someone said Amber Rose had “pretty hair,” I started laughing but then remembered her banging body, so I stopped. What up Ms. Rose?

Vico Ono-Somewhere Only Planes Know (Wiz Khalifa x Keane)

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Caught this over at PigeonsAndPlanes. Confusion with a nice find as usual. Wiz Khalifa going over some bumpy piano beat by Keane with “This Plane.” I’m really digging the beat of this song, and for some reason Wiz Khalifa’s voice pairs up incredibly well with the piano and drums. Props for the Airplanes sample at the beginning. I am serious. Don’t call me Shirley.

Somewhat related, I was listening to the radio today. I was on the local indie/pop/”hip-hop” station and it ended up turning into some sort of Bruno Mars/Wiz Khalifa hybrid station that played one of their tracks every other song. I guess that’s all good and all, but are radio hits even that important anymore? I really can’t think of anyone I know that would listen to the radio over their iPod. Whatever. Vico Ono creates a dope up mashup perfect for the weekend.

Vico Ono-Somewhere Only Planes Know

Big Sean-High Ft. Wiz Khalifa and Chiddy Bang

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Here’s a new joint off of Big Sean’s album Finally Famous due out in a couple weeks. Did this album leak or something? It seems like there have been a ton more songs from the album the last couple days, so I really don’t know. It’s not like albums leak early all the time. Anyway, like I’ve said before, this album may actually be worth copping as almost every song has seemed solid.

This is my favorite track off the album as of right now; I’m a big Chiddy Bang fan and with Chidera on the track and Xaphoon Jones on the production, you just expect it’s going to be a good song. BS keeps his high-low flow going with some nice lyrics and we are even graced with the rare occasion of Wiz Khalifa not fucking up a track he’s been featured on.

But let’s be honest, who else are you going to feature on a song titled “High?” Of course you’re going to put Wiz on that track regardless of everything. Song is 4:20 long too. I’ll just chalk it up as coincidence.

Download: Big Sean-High Ft. Wiz Khalifa and Chiddy Bang

Wiz Khalifa-Reefer Party Ft. Chevy Woods & Neako (Video)

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I know how to kill people and I know how to roll some fucking weed.”

Here’s the visuals for “Reefer Party.” Seems like Wiz is getting back on his rap game instead of that poppy shit that was on Rolling Papers. Some cameos of Big Sean, Curren$y, Nipsey Hussle, and Juicy J lighting up. This video pretty much confirms the idea in my head that Wiz actually spends all day smoking. Can’t blame him with the music he’s put out I guess. That Tony Montana impression might need some work though. Not sure if this all in London or what, but it looks like a fucking party. A dope ass party.

Juicebox-Taylored Lullabies (Wiz Khalifa x 50 Cent x Shawn Mullins)

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Caught this over at GMAD today and thought it was definitely worth reposting.

I like mashups but it seems the  amount of good mashups being posted as opposed to mashups being posted is pretty small. We all know we like guys like Brenton Duvall but for the most part mashups have a lot to be desired; not this one by Juicebox.

Juicebox mixes some Wiz Khalifa, 50 Cent and Shawn Mullins. You’re probably all wondering who Shawn Mullins is; don’t do that Google search just yet. Play the song and once you’re about 30 seconds in you’ll for sure know who he is, or at least what he sang. I felt kind of stupid after realizing who he was but whatever. This is a nice mix that you could definitely whip out at a party. Well any party that doesn’t rely on a country music heavy rotation.

Wiz Khalifa-Reefer Party Ft. Chevy Woods & Neako

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Wizard Khalifa was feeling like a good guy today and could have very well droppedthe weed anthem of the summer. Some production by Lex Luger, with a recycled Waka Flocka beat, Wiz raps about…you guessed it, marijuana. Being an asshole aside, the amount of music Wiz has put out, especially after Rolling Papers is commendable.

Kendrick Lamar Pokes Fun At Wiz Khalifa (Video)

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I’ve always felt that if you made a song just of Wiz’s laugh, it could sell. I’m not sure why, but anything the guy puts out is considered awesome. Well, Kendrick Lamar goes through some beats and starts impersonating Wiz Khalifa. I don’t know if Kendrick is high or not, but he definitely has the stoned Wiz vibe in this freestyle. With a hook. That’s sick. Apparently, he’s just playing around and he actually likes Wiz.
I’d love to see if Wiz could do an impersonation of Kendrick Lamar, or anyone else for that matter.

Oh, the laugh at the end is spot on too.

UPDATE: Apparently, Wiz thought it was all cool and he respects Kendrick and his ability as an artist. He also claims he can do a nice Jeezy impression. I’m waiting for this.

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