Curren$y-This Is Life

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That spitta Curren$y drops another track for his album Weekend At Burnie’s due out June 28th. I’m not gonna lie, this song is smooth; even smoother than Spitta’s usual, which is really saying something. The piano as background music is nice, and bodes well with the beat. Curren$y’s got that super lazy flow with some clever wordplay. Chill, chill track, brah.

I’m really not sure if Spitta will be able to get any bigger than he is now, which is a little odd with all the work he did with Wiz and now Wiz is like five greatest of all time. Er, I mean five greatest that get radio play. Either way, Curren$y has officially grown on me and songs like this just build the anticipation for his album.

Curren$y-You See It

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Another leak off of Curren$y’s Weekend at Burnie’s dropping June 28th.

I’ve started to realize that all of Curren$y’s songs kind of sound the same with that lazy, lazy flow. Also not sure if he opens his mouth when he raps or not; might just be a homage to 50 Cent or some shit. Still kinda hopping on the bandwagon though, just because Spitta has been putting together a few nice, if not redundant leaks.

Curren$y-She Don’t Want A Man

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Here’s some new Curren$y called “She Don’t Want A Man,” off his upcoming album Weekend At Burnie’s. I’m still not sure if I’m on the Curren$y bandwagon yet, but his flow his phenomenal. So effortless. I don’t understand what he’s saying half the time but whatever. The beat is pretty nice on this one and from the lyrics that I can actually decipher, it sounds like a pretty good song. Might actually end up buying this album when it comes out June 28th, just for figuring out what the fuck he is saying if nothing else.

Sorry, it’s edited; to appeal to the youngsters obviously.

Download| Curren$y-She Don’t Want A Man 

Curren$y Live In California (Video)

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Curren$y is definitely growing on me a bit. At least I don’t hate him like I used to. I’m always a fan of live show videos and this is pretty cool.

Also, here’s the first single off Curren$y’s new album Weekend at Burnie’s called “Jet’s Go”

Curren$y-Scottie Pippen (Video)

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Throwback visuals. The dunk/teabagging on Ewing. Dope. I’m not the biggest fan of Curren$y and his sleepy/stoned voice, but this video is swag as fuck. Plus it’s fun watching one of the Top 10 basketball players of all-time just dominate.

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Curren$y-Scottie Pippen