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Hey dudes. If you didn’t know, I’ve been in the process of getting a self-hosted site. Well, after a few days of learning a bunch of shit and being frustrated, I finally got the site up and running. It’s not the definite design yet, but it’s a start for now, and I wanted to see what everyone thought. So check it out at

I’m trying to get all the site redirects down, so you can still search for stuff here but it’ll pull you over to that site. Either way, again, enjoy and let me know what you think.



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Everyone’s favorite Squarian said that he would drop a new track when he gained 30,000 followers on Twitter. Vizzy drops some dope lines with some sick flow over Mt. Eden’s dubstep banger “Sierra Leone.” By the way, of any pure dubstep tracks, “Sierra Leone” is my favorite; I couldn’t tell you why, and it’s not like I’m a big fan of dubstep or anything.

So here is another artist going over a dubstep beat. Still unsure about what to think with all the dubstep ish that has been infiltrating hip-hop lately. It’s starting to grow on me, but then again, I don’t know if it’s really going to last. As I’ve said before, I think certain artists have a better chance of successfully going over dubstep compared to others; I’d say someone with a quicker flow, say XV, is a better choice than someone with some of dat lazy flow, a la Spitta. Yeah, now that I think about it, there is no way Curren$y could go over a dubstep beat; not that he would anyway.

Download: XV-30,000

Wiz Khalifa-Teach You To Fly [Modern Classics]

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Have I ever told you guys how much more dope Wiz Khalifa was when he was younger. Essentially anything before Rolling Papers was dope. Yeah, I’m a Wiz hater now. Because I’m stubborn and don’t understand how somebody could sell out and make music for 14 year old girls for millions of dollars and Amber Rose. Okay, okay, maybe I can see that. I don’t actually hate Wiz, maybe it’s just these cocaine withdrawls I’m having. Fine, I’m not addicted to coke, I think. At least, I hope not.

Here’s my favorite track off of Flight School. If you remember, this track was pretty raw back then, and then was lengthened and remastered. Which just made it that much more dope. I decided this is my song tonight and I intended on playing it no less than five times tonight and will be the first song I play at every party I go to. Odds are people will love me or I’ll have black eye tomorrow. The future is so exciting!

Related: Today someone said Amber Rose had “pretty hair,” I started laughing but then remembered her banging body, so I stopped. What up Ms. Rose?

J Cole-Cheer Up

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Here’s an unfinished track from J Cole. I honestly think this kid can do nothing wrong now.  I wouldn’t say this is on the same level as “Lost Ones” but Jermaine keeps it real. Guy definitely excels as a storyteller, something that isn’t necessarily common amongst all rappers, but I think it’s an essential trait to create great artists. Think about it, who doesn’t enjoy a good story?

The rumor is that this song is going to be put on Cole’s upcoming album. So, it looks like this album, which is yet to have a release date or a title, is going to be pretty dope. A bit of speculation on the whole project and what’s going on with HOVA and his record label. With all these leaks, I would love the album to drop sooner than later. Oh, check out this dope article over at MostlyJunkFood on J Cole; it’s five kinds of awesome.

J Cole-Cheer Up

Curren$y-This Is Life

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That spitta Curren$y drops another track for his album Weekend At Burnie’s due out June 28th. I’m not gonna lie, this song is smooth; even smoother than Spitta’s usual, which is really saying something. The piano as background music is nice, and bodes well with the beat. Curren$y’s got that super lazy flow with some clever wordplay. Chill, chill track, brah.

I’m really not sure if Spitta will be able to get any bigger than he is now, which is a little odd with all the work he did with Wiz and now Wiz is like five greatest of all time. Er, I mean five greatest that get radio play. Either way, Curren$y has officially grown on me and songs like this just build the anticipation for his album.

Vico Ono-Somewhere Only Planes Know (Wiz Khalifa x Keane)

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Caught this over at PigeonsAndPlanes. Confusion with a nice find as usual. Wiz Khalifa going over some bumpy piano beat by Keane with “This Plane.” I’m really digging the beat of this song, and for some reason Wiz Khalifa’s voice pairs up incredibly well with the piano and drums. Props for the Airplanes sample at the beginning. I am serious. Don’t call me Shirley.

Somewhat related, I was listening to the radio today. I was on the local indie/pop/”hip-hop” station and it ended up turning into some sort of Bruno Mars/Wiz Khalifa hybrid station that played one of their tracks every other song. I guess that’s all good and all, but are radio hits even that important anymore? I really can’t think of anyone I know that would listen to the radio over their iPod. Whatever. Vico Ono creates a dope up mashup perfect for the weekend.

Vico Ono-Somewhere Only Planes Know

Rich Hil-Yellow Submarine Ft. Nero

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Rich Hil and Nero dropped this track a couple days ago. I know a lot of people hate on Rich Hil for whatever reason, but Nero seems to be one of the most underrated upcoming artists right now. Pretty dope ominous and grimy beat, something that seems like it’d be from a Kid Cudi nightmare, paired with the smooth lyrics of Rich Hil and quick hitting verses by Nero. Some ill rhymes and the hook is dope as fuck. Pretty nice contrast that creates a damn good combination. Looking forward to some more solo work from these two artists.

Download: Rich Hil-Yellow Submarine Ft. Nero

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