Caught this over at PigeonsAndPlanes. Confusion with a nice find as usual. Wiz Khalifa going over some bumpy piano beat by Keane with “This Plane.” I’m really digging the beat of this song, and for some reason Wiz Khalifa’s voice pairs up incredibly well with the piano and drums. Props for the Airplanes sample at the beginning. I am serious. Don’t call me Shirley.

Somewhat related, I was listening to the radio today. I was on the local indie/pop/”hip-hop” station and it ended up turning into some sort of Bruno Mars/Wiz Khalifa hybrid station that played one of their tracks every other song. I guess that’s all good and all, but are radio hits even that important anymore? I really can’t think of anyone I know that would listen to the radio over their iPod. Whatever. Vico Ono creates a dope up mashup perfect for the weekend.

Vico Ono-Somewhere Only Planes Know