Looks like it’s shaping up to be a Cole summer. Oh, me and my terrible puns. J Cole dropped off this (approved) track on his blog yesterday saying:

Gotta love the Warm Up tribute on the artwork. How that lined up to the sample clearing today is God working.

Thanks to Kanye West, Paula Abdul.

Obviously it’s a sample over Kanye West’s “New Workout Plan” from one of the greatest albums of all time, College Dropout. I’m just curious, but how many other artists have successfully sampled this song by Yeezy? I honestly can’t think of one off the top of my head. J Cole keeps his nice lyrics and flow going over the track. I’m not sure when Jermaine’s album is supposed to come out, but stuff like this is getting me hyped. It’s a shame J Cole disapproved of the “Lost Ones” leak because that truly was one of the best J Cole songs I’ve ever seen. Oh well, I’m  hopeful it will come out sooner or later. Overall, the track has 90s rap feel with a touch of some funk. This definitely seems to be more of an attempt to get his music some radio play before the album comes out. Good but not great, first single off of J Cole’s upcoming album.

Download: J Cole-Work Out