Garth Algar-2011

I’ve been playing Kreayshawn’s Gucci Gucci for the last week pretty incessantly (not incestantly, you sick fucks) at parties. The results have been pretty polarizing; drunk bitches and people into indie stuff have loved it, everyone else just thinks I’m a hipster asshole. Well MissInfo reported today that the kreative Kreayshawn has inked a deal with Sony worth somewhere around the ballpark of a million dollars (almost putting my trust fund to shame). I think this is pretty exciting news and congrats to Kreayshawn for being to capitalize on the youtube phenomenon that Gucci Gucci is. There really aren’t many other details to this point besides Kreayshawn’s sarcastic tweets. Kind of reminds me of another group that recently signed with Sony.

I guess my question at this point, if the rumors are true, is Kreayshawn signed to Odd Future records on Sony? Or is she with Sony under some other distribution label. I guess time will tell, but this could very well be Odd Futures “out of house” signing, even if she does a lot of stuff with Odd Future. Or maybe not, I’m just drunk speculating at this point.